Tracy Flick is Alive and Well at Troy High School

Tracy Flick is apparently alive and well at Troy High School.

Brought to life deliciously by Reese Witherspoon, Tracy Enid Flick is a central character in Alexander Payne's 1999 film Election, which is based on Tom Perrotta's novel of the same title. The plot involves a high school student body election tainted by a faculty adviser who rigs the vote so anal, driven, passive-aggressive Flick does not become president. Which brings us to Troy High . . .

The Orange County Register's Scott Martindale today brings what appears to the naked eye to be a novel-length article on how Jenny Redmond, Troy's student government faculty adviser, fudged the results of April's race to ensure her hand-picked presidential candidate was declared the winner.

The subterfuge was discovered after senior Jacob Bigham, who won the ASB vice presidential race, broke into the Troy High database and learned that senior Ryan Daliwal was the actual top vote-getter for president, not the student the real-life embodiment of Matthew Broderick's Mr. McAllister claimed had won.

For his efforts, Bigham received a five-day suspension. Redmond resigned as faculty adviser, but many students found it unfair that she was allowed to remain in the post after her election rigging was exposed and through to the end of the school year in June. She remains a special-education teacher at Troy (good luck to the kids who get on her bad side), and the principal won't disclose whether she was disciplined at all, citing personnel confidentiality. 

The election results Redmond reported were invalidated, and Daliwal will start the school year Aug. 27 as president. Bigham was stripped of his office. Perhaps on the bright side, like Tracy Flick, the 17-year-old has a future in Washington.

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I am guessing Troy HS is in Republican dominated Orange County. They teach such antics as this as acceptable political practices.


 @Dweezle Ahhh but you forget it was the teacher in a very liberal faculty at Troy HS who perpetrated the "crime" and the student/resident of ultra conservative Fullerton who risked his academic standing by exposing the fraud. Apparently he smelled something fishy and rightly acted on his suspicions. 


He ought to be protected as a whistle blower not sullied in the media for exposing corruption. 


 @Matthew777 Agreed, He got a bad deal. However, it was not the Media that "sullied" him, they just reported the facts It was the school that apparently removed him from office for Criminally accessing, (hacking) into the school database.


I admittedly know nothing about Troy HS However a brief google search showed that it has the highest student achievement record in OC. IF it is a "Liberal Dominated" Magnet School as you say, How does it exist in conservative Fullerton?


My comment simply mentioned the entire situation exists in a county dominated by republican politicians many of them corrupt. A District Attorney that refuses to go after any Republican Politicians or people connected to the Republican Party.  After re reading the article I cannot help remembering Richard, ("I am not a crook") Nixon and the Watergate affair. Isn't his Library located just a couple of miles from This High School?

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