Tom Mauk-Rakes In The SuperLotto of Government Pay

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Andrew Galvin over at the Orange County Register reported late this afternoon that county CEO Tom Mauk will resign next week in the wake of the embarrassing Carlos Bustamante-starring Wandering Penis Scandal.

That news isn't particularly shocking given that government is loaded with characters who have degrees in CYA.

(Because this is a family publication in a conservative county--or so we've been told all week by a few irate, senile readers, I apparently shouldn't say Cover Your Ass.)

The only thing that's interesting in the departure is the sweetheart deal Mauk has won at already overburdened taxpayer expense.

He's been taking home more than $393,000 annually in public funds (Orange County compensation package plus his La Habra city pension).

And now Mauk will take $270,000 as a departure gift in addition to collecting two robust government pensions for the rest of his life.

Carlos Bustamante Anthony Weiner.jpg
Is Weiner English for Bustamante?
Ahhhh . . . what a brutally tough life well-connected government bureaucrats and politicians endure.

Don't forget this pathetic fact either: County taxpayers will pay corrupt sheriff turned convicted felon Mike Carona more than $220,000 a year in pension for the rest of his life.

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OMG, if you think that's bad, you should check out what has been going on in the City of Paso Robles.

          The ex-police chief, Lisa Solomon, sexually assaulted her officers and then retaliated when they complained about it.  She also had an illegal ticket quota system, and the officers who did not participate to the level she demanded suffered retaliation, harassment and intimidation. (          

The following article ( gives a brief summary. However, searching for "Lisa Solomon" on CalCoastNews website will bring up armfuls of articles.            

The City Manager, James App, backed ex-chief-Solomon's actions every step of the way.  The police officers tried to work within the framework of the City's complaint process, but their complaints and filings were ignored or rejected.  James App and (then) chief Solomon went so far as to have "moles" attend police union meetings and report back--also illegal. (             

After the lawsuits, the city finally got rid of her---by allowing her to resign, keeping all of her pension benefits AND what has, at this point, added up to a $330,000 payment to Solomon when she resigned (

          Article about Officer Tatro's lawsuit.          

Article about Officer Lux's lawsuit.


Thomas Mauk, is a party, as are MANY OC Officials,  in Erin Baldwin's Section 1983 Civil Rights Case in District Court.  JUST YESTERDAY THE U.S. SUPREME COURT ISSUED A NOTICE OF CERTIORARI to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in an Appeal filed by Baldwin in connection with this case.  See:    


Tom Mauk, like the rest of them are public servants, right? They are sacrificing more lucrative $alaries in the private sector in the interest of service to the public, right? They are not in it for the money, right? They would never put their greedy interest ahead of serving their communities, right? WRONG!  And as usual, County Supervisors who hire these A**holes, keep repeating the same mantra: "We need to provide a competitive salary to attract the best talent." Bullsh*t! Greed has always been, and will always continue to be the only motivation for these "people" to serve. I will be more than happy to take this place, work twice as many hours, for one third of Mauk's salary and still say, "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a bona-fide advocate for those that I represent and serve."  Oh, wait a minute, I forgot. . . I'm Mexican, not a republican, and would actually do 125% of the job I was hired to do, therefore, I don't qualify. 

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