Timothy Raemakers, Priest at Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Aliso Viejo, Calls Sex-Abuse Allegation Lodged Against Him a "9/11 Moment"

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In late 2010, the Catholic Diocese of Orange revealed that they were looking into allegations made by Matthew Carrigan that Father Timothy Ramaekers molested him as a child at St. Justin Martyr Church in Anaheim during the 1980s--this, after Carrigan filed a civil lawsuit in 2009 alleging Ramaekers and other priests abused him. The diocese said they found no evidence that Ramaekers abused Carrigan, but that hasn't stopped Matthew and his family from letting the world know what they think of the priest, who just got the nod to head Corpus Christi in Aliso Viejo.

They were there in force this past weekend, where Ramaekers continued the arrogance that characterizes the modern-day Catholic Church in the United States by comparing Carrigan's allegation and subsequent actions to a "9/11 moment" against him.

Family and friends of Carrigan, outside Corpus Christi on Sunday

"A 9/11 [moment] is something that we don't create," Ramaekers told parishioners, according to eyewitnesses. "It's not something that we do. 9/11, when we look at it, it is not fair. It's not right. It's not just. We may be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but when we are in our 9/11 Ground Zero experience, our life is altered forever. My 9/11 experience is being accused of sexual misconduct."

All together now: IDIOT.

Since Carrigan's lawsuit was dismissed (statute of limitations) and the Diocese of Orange says Ramaekers ain't a pedo-priest, there is no stain on him--none. And certainly not something that involves the horrible deaths of thousands of innocents.

Even worse? Ramaekers told parishioners he would talk to Carrigan's family...and never did. Heckuva job, Brownie!

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My words are the truth and the truth causes offense

I don't care what they have to say about me because

With out the truth there is no consciousness


dear pedophile priests,

  I'm here and I am very real. My story is the truth. I know some people need to deny my story to deny their own story to save their sanity. The fact is child rape and abuse is all too common in the catholic church. I know men like raemakers were probably hoping I would kill myself before speaking up. I'm still here and and the time has come to stand up against the crimes of these men. The time has come for my voice to be heard and as a result it means their time has come. I want to break this pedophile ring they created. I want them to loose their jobs working with children. I want them in the gutter where I was at at the age of 17. I want them to suffer the consequences of raping children,

  I survived your hell unlike some of the other kids. I promise that I will expose you. I will stop you. Some of you p+$#@s are already dead but there's one still in the priesthood. I know your still out there. I will be your nightmare now instead of you being mine. I will do everything in my power to uncover the abuse you have been guilty of for at least 28 years. I will make sure you don't hurt any more kids. You may have thought you had gotten away with it. Probably patted yourself on the back. Well you were wrong. I'm still here. Only this time I'm not scared of you. I remember all of it.

  Words really can't describe what you did to me. The abuse you subjected me to has ripped me apart. Here I stand at 39 years old still trying to heal and piece my life together. I can not ask why you did it, because you'd never be able to answer that question. I wouldn't want to hear your sick and twisted spin on it like you gave your parishioners . I can not call you a man of god. You are nothing more than a demented monster. A monster that hides under a religious organization who protects you and allows you to continue abusing children even after you have been accused. You stole from me my childhood, my innocence, my trust, my sense of being, my security, my education, my self worth, my sanity. The list goes on and on.

  I will never comprehend what it is that would make you do these things. All I know is I was placed in the care of the biggest evil I have ever seen in 39 years. I have met criminals that wouldn't do what you did. What you did to me caused me to give up on school. My parents couldn't understand what was wrong with me and being catholic they followed a tough love policy. This caused me to be homeless at the age of 17. I was homeless for 3 years. I was living in a world were I had to fight to survive. I stuffed the memories of abuse way down inside. The memories of me begging you to stop, The memories of you threatening that you would do it to my brother if I told. The memories of you saying you would kill me. These memories sat down inside me. Stewing like a toxic disease. I did my best to repress them because back then no one would believe or do anything if I told. The affects of your abuse lived with me every day though. I can only imagine what it would of been like to have a childhood., to of felt safe. I can only imagine who I would of be today, what I would of accomplished if I wasn't subjected to your brutal abuse. You tried to make me your victim and you were successful for quite some time. Now I am grown. Im bigger than you. Im stronger than you. Im tougher than you. Im also smarter than you. You tried to humiliate me to the point where I attempted suicide, but I'm still here.

  You tried to silence me, but my voice is loud. You tried to deny it, but I will prove your wrong. You see, you didn't create a victim you created a survivor.

F you very much



It would be simple and much safer for unsuspecting children and their families if the Diocese of Orange, Bishop Brownie and his inept attorneys would follow the laws of the land:  MAKE A REPORT TO THE APPROPRIATE LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY and let the justice process work, free of conflicts of interest, obstructions of justice and intimidation tactics!  BUT, the Diocese of Orange and its corrupt officials are above the law to actually do the right thing.... and the OC District Attorney, OC Sheriff and the infamous OC Board of Supervisors are the ENABLERS that have destroyed children, families, careers and reputations--IN THE INTERESTS OF POLITICS, MONEY, EGO, PUBLIC RELATIONS, AND ANY RICO ENTERPRISE DISGUISED AS SOME TYPE OF LEGITIMATE BUSINESS DECISION. The Diocese of Orange and many other institutions have lost all credibility as it relates to supervising their own sexual predators and life-long employed criminals.  Is anyone paying attention???????


The Lavender Mafia of the Diocese of Orange strikes again?

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