Orange County Gay Group Calls For Boy Scout Boycott

Being gay doesn't mean you're happy, especially if you can't be a Boy Scout. And an Orange County advocacy group isn't happy with the Boy Scouts of America's decision Tuesday to cement its ban against gay members.

The Orange County Gay and Lesbian Center is calling for a boycott of the youth organization.

The center says the Boy Scouts had an historic opportunity to end its "open and explicit bigotry," but chose to keep in step with "bigots and homophobes."

In a statement, the center said: "We condemn the Boy Scouts' decision in the strongest terms. Their decision to continue their homophobic policy is a decision steeped in bigotry and discrimination. The Center OC calls for all corporations, and local governments to immediately end any association with Boy Scouts of America. We also urge parents to consider the message sent to their sons when they allow them to participate in Boy Scouts of America."

Kevin O'Grady, executive director of the center, said in a statement that the two-year policy review wasn't a rushed decision made in the glare of public scrutiny.

"The identities of the review panel members were kept confidential to protect their identities," O'Grady said. "After two years of consideration, BSA decided to continue its bigotry and homophobia. This decision puts them out of step with the rest of the nation and leaves them in league with other avowed homophobes."

The center believes the Boy Scouts' decision puts them on the wrong side of justice and history.

I'm sure OC Weekly readers would agree. Right?

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Why doesn't the gay community start their own Scouting group? Chicken Hawks of America?

Patrick Godknecht
Patrick Godknecht

 I'm sure OC Weekly readers would agree. Right?  WRONG!   Why is the gay community so aggressive? Why doesn't the gay community practice some tolerance here? The gay community seams very hateful in this situation.

roberto estrada
roberto estrada

Why would a gay even want to join. They should apend their time picking daisies. I wouldnt want my boys hanging around that shit. Boy scouts are to teach our boys how to be young men.

Joey H.
Joey H.

Absofrigginlutely. And if the center takes any flak for that decision I'll be among the first to lend them my support.

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