Octomom's Hole New World: NSFW Photo of Nadya Suleman's Clean-Shaven Money-Maker

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The evolution of women's curlies is a fascinating study of style and peer pressure at work.

Even up to the 1960s, when your mother (or grandmother, depending on how old you are), was dropping acid to Jefferson Airplane or doing hippie dances to Janis Joplin, most American dames sported Garden of Eden-esque muff, letting their field of dreams grow wild and free.

Over the last two generations, couture de snatch has seen three major developments: the shrub became the classic Dorito, which gave way to the landing strip, which, in recent years, has been supplanted by the Barbie, where the gals keep their Ladies Gaga as smooth as a baby's butt.

Your typical lothario has planted his flag in all four, but for the deprived who haven't seen the modern sweet spot, we present Exhibit A: Octomom Nadya Suleman's clean-shaven seed-taker, as seen in her porn debut for Wicked Pictures. Peekies after the jump...
Ha! You didn't think we were going to post it directly on these unsoiled, digital pages, did you? We are a family publication.

However, the money shot has apparently been linked to by the fine fellows at Scallywag & Vagabond. Uh...enjoy?

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What a helpful post really will be coming back to this time and time again.


Benalvillar like.author.displayName 1 Like

Why spend any time on the stupid octomom?

Kelly M. Bray
Kelly M. Bray like.author.displayName 1 Like

Whats amazing to me is that out of that came a clown car full of children. The car is still stuck in there though.

Nurse4babies like.author.displayName 1 Like

Great. OC Weekly is now a porn hub.

olympic escorts
olympic escorts

Hey Anon01 some mistake is create in your side. I am a fan of Nadya and crazy about her nude pictures or videos.

Anon01 like.author.displayName 1 Like

Ok, Nadya. Stop posting fan letters to yourself.

olympic escorts
olympic escorts

Nadya Suleman looks sexy in her NSFW photo. She has such a large lusty boobs. I really want to suck her boobs hard and play with them.

Me like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 2 Like

How much do you have to hate yourself to purposefully mutilate every single thing about you that makes you female? (Including being a good parent!)

 wrung out belle
wrung out belle like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 2 Like

Considering the state of California's economy, I really am surprised that no journalists have looked into how this welfare recipient who has been indigent managed to shoot out one subsidized baby after another  as a result of exceedingly expensive in vitro  treatments. Many prospective mothers can barely find the thousands and thousands it takes to do ONE series. So how did Nadya Suleman  come up with the costs for spending an entire decade of her life on TEN series of in vitro when she was without an income? Not to mention where exactly did the funds come from that refurbished her face and entire body. including parts of it we really do not want to know about.  If welfare funding meant for other purposes--like child-rearing -- was used then that warrants a criminal investigation. When she abandoned her first house that  had no place  in it for 8 babies (remember she never even followed up on medical care and monitoring  while pregnant with 8 ), she left behind enough toys and clothes that they literally reached stacked to the ceiling. Where did that money come from? Besides breeding, just was it that she was doing for 15 years while she wasn't working but still somehow paying for very expensive whims. She's had nannies for years and years  before the 8 were born--- paid help--- and she drove an SUV . That money very likely was not placed under her pillow by the Pregnancy Fairy. So all you reporters in Orange County ----who have access to all kinds of local sources--- maybe it might make for, you know, oh,  a real news article when the red flags that keep accumulating and have been waving for three years are now so numerous there's a lot more flags than PR spin.

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