TBN Coming to a Prison Near You

Maybe the inmates will tithe in cigarettes and celebrate communion with Pruno.

The Trinity Broadcasting Network has announced a partnership with Folsom State Prison to air four of its channels in one of the state's most notorious pokies. They will include the network's flagship channel, the JCTV network for teens and young adults, the Church Channel, and Enlace, TBN's Spanish-language Christian network.

It's part of an effort by the Christian broadcasting giant to get its channels into every prison in the state. TBN covers the cost of equipment and installation, according to a news release.

Taxpayers will cover the cost of increased psychological care for inmates exposed to TBN programming.

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Trayvon Kasel
Trayvon Kasel

Coincidentally, TNB is why prisons are so full of blacks. 


Good. Now Paul and Jan can watch themselves when they're behind bars for covering up their granddaughters rape, fraud, and embezzlement.

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