Phil Aguilar, Set Free Soldiers, Plans Car Wash For Police Shooting Victim Manuel Diaz

Brandon Ferguson
A shrine honoring Manuel Diaz, shot Saturday by Anaheim police.
To help pay the funeral costs for Manuel Diaz who was shot and killed Saturday by Anaheim police, Pastor Phil Aguilar is hoping to organize a car wash next weekend.

"Everybody is welcome," said Aguilar. "We're going to help the family any way we can."

After leading a group of the 25-year-old slain man's friends and family in prayer, Aguilar--who was featured in a 2010 Weekly cover story--addressed reporters.

Stressing a need for those in the community to exercise restraint, he also called for a quick investigation into the shooting.

Brandon Ferguson
Pastor Phil Aguilar leads friends and family of Manuel Diaz, in prayer. Diaz, unarmed, was shot Saturday by Anaheim police.

"If they don't see some kind of justice, some kind of investigation, the spirit of imagination will take over," Aguilar said. "And it won't be good."

Diaz, a criminal street gang member, was shot after fleeing on foot from the police for unknown reasons. City officials have alleged Diaz may have thrown several objects onto nearby rooftops as he ran, but acknowledge he not armed with any weapons.

Last night, protester totaling perhaps 75-100 gathered near the intersection of Anna Street and La Palma Ave. while carrying signs decrying police brutality as cars drove by and honked in support. Several dumpsters were set on fire and shoved into traffic. When police and firefighters responded, some in the crowd threw bottles at the city vehicles.

This afternoon, as reporters from various news agencies milled up and down the apartment-lined street, many residents declined to be interviewed. One woman, unaware of Weekly intern Priscella Vega's job, urged her not to talk to reporters. Another woman, who didn't want to give her name, whispered improbably that everything was normal. Two young women standing close by urged her not to say anything.

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