Lupe Fuentes, OC-Based Porn Superstar, Sues To Resume "Fleshlight" Sales of Her Vaginal Likeness

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Little Lupe: Please continue to sell my vaginal likeness to the public
At 4-feet-9 and 79 pounds wet, coastal Orange County resident Lupe Fuentes is an international porn superstar.

In 2011, AVN--AKA Adult Video News--named the then-24-year-old Fuentes--AKA Zuleydy Vergara, Zuleydy Piedrahita and "Little Lupe"--"Top Web Starlet."

A year earlier, she or her online operations had been named "Latina Star of the Year," "Best Pornstar Website," "Favorite New Starlet," and "Best Fan Website."

And at the 2010 FAME Awards (Fans of Adult Media & Entertainment), Fuentes was named "Best Ass."

Such accolades landed Fuentes on The Howard Stern Show.

But Fuentes isn't happy with recent events. She firmly believes she's been screwed without her consent. And she's not taking it quietly.
On Dec. 4, 2009, Fuentes signed a sex toy contract with Austin, Texas-based Interactive Life Forms, Inc. The deal called for the company, the makers of Fleshlight, to reproduce a likeness of her vagina in a, well, flesh-like sleeve for male members to, as the official federal trademark in the nation's capital recorded, deposit "discreet semen" by performing the role of "artificial vagina."

She was supposed to get 12.5 percent of net sales revenue paid monthly for the merchandise that promised a "tight squeeze."

But according to a lawsuit the porn star filed in Orange County Superior Court this month, the company broke the contact and cheated her beginning in March 2011 by discontinuing marketing of her "units."

Interactive Life Forms, Inc. boss Brian Shubin claimed at the time in an email that he was disappointed in the lack of interest in Fuentes' vaginal reproduction toy, according to the lawsuit.

But Fuentes and Evan Seinfeld--her partner, a porn star himself as well as a onetime member of the band Biohazard--insist in the court filing that Shubin violated the contract and continues to market Fleshlights by using her images.

"As a consequence of this conduct, [Shubin] has been unjustly enriched through the wrongful use of [Fuentes'] likeness and image," the lawsuit claims.

Fuentes and Seinfeld are seeking Dr. Evil-type money: $1,000,000 in damages.

Who is the lucky stiff who'll get to hear this dispute? It'll be the honorable Frederick P. Horn, who is based in the county's central courthouse in Santa Ana. Horn, a former Santa Monica police officer and Los Angeles County prosecutor, was appointed as Superior Court judge by Republican Gov. Pete Wilson in 1993.

Shubin has not yet filed a formal answer in court and efforts to reach him for comment were not successful. His company's adult toy website can be found HERE.

According to a March 2001 BBC News report, police in Europe arrested Fuentes' ex-husband--Pablo Lapiedra--for allegedly using underage, high school girls in porn films made in Colombia.

Fleshlight Lupe Fuentes 3.jpg
Proud Pussy? Lupe "signed" her fake name to her fake vaginal supplement and included similar images in her lawsuit
Fuentes' adults-only website has a warning of "Smoking, Graphic, Explicit Adult Content."
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