NBC Affiliate and Network are 2-for-2 in Confusing I.D.'s of Famous Pro Athletes

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You Navel Gazing commenters who love, Love, LOVE to point out my assorted flubs should get a hearty chortle out of this:

Channel 4 is two-for-two when it comes to I.D. uck-fups involving  well-known sports figures, including Newport Coast shooting guard with the mostest Kobe Bryant.

Film at 11.

Seriously, it was last night's 11 p.m. NBC4 News program that had anchorwoman Colleen "Skunk Lady" Williams introducing a story on a revealing Yahoo! Sports interview with the Lakers superstar when the type under Black Mamba's green screen photo read: "Sage Stallone Dies."

I didn't even know Kobe was sick! Actually, the confusion is understandable, given Bryant and Stallone's similar Italian-American backgrounds. Well, at least the Lakers captain speaks Italian.

Next, on this morning's network Today show, Matt Lauer was interviewing Philadelphia Eagle quarterback Michael Vick, who has a new memoir out, when b-roll footage showed a different African-American QB, Jerrod Johnson.

At least Jerrod's not dead! Wonder if he speaks Italian?

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