Judy Lee, Pastor's Wife, Mother of 4 and Music Teacher, Allegedly Sexed Up High School Pupil


An Orange County sheriff's deputy on routine patrol rolled up just before noon Wednesday on a car parked near Beach Boulevard and Starr Street in Stanton, where a couple inside were passionately making out. But an initial assessment of young lovers doing what young lovers do was challenged when the deputy got a better look at the chick. Holy schnikees, she's much older than the dude! Turns out 39-year-old Judy Lee of Brea had been the choir teacher of the recent Magnolia High School graduate she was locking lips with.

Upon further investigation, it was determined Lee is the mother of four, married to a pastor and the lover of the boy in the car since November, according to the sheriff's department, which notes some of the "sexual misconduct" happened at Magnolia High.

Lee, who was arrested on suspicion of child molestation, knew the boy all four years he attended the school, where she has been a music teacher for eight years and he had graduated from in the spring.

Authorities fear she may have holding her unauthorized "choir practices" with other underage pupils as well. Anyone with information is encouraged to call 855.TIP.OCCS.

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