Joshua Chong, LAPD Sergeant, Escapes Responsibility For Murder Threats in OC

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LAPD's Joshua Chong: Got away with murder threats because he has a badge
In exchange for the Orange County District Attorney's office dropping two criminal charges--a felony and a misdemeanor, a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) sergeant pleaded guilty to a third misdemeanor count of obsessive phone text harassing a woman who'd spurned his affections.

Thanks to the plea deal, Joshua Jinwook Chong--a 42-year-old Fullerton resident--won't have to pay for threatening to murder his ex-girlfriend and her male friend.

See? This is more evidence that cops*** can break criminal laws in California and escape punishment without even a slap on the wrist. Well, that's not exactly true.

Chong received a gentle, compassionate wrist massage with warmed Kama Sutra oil.

As punishment, he must endure . . . probation, eight whopping hours of community service and a domestic violence prevention class.

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***The Cop Protection Plan (CPP) apparently does not extend to U.S. Marines. In March, a marine from Camp Pendleton was sentenced to three years in prison for making criminal threats in a murder plot. 

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