Hilarious Anti-Newport Beach Statement of the Day!

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"Shh!!! Be very quiet--we're flying over rich people."

--Whispered over the intercom of a Southwest Airlines flight this morning by a flight attendant as the plane left John Wayne Airport. John Wayne, of course, is notorious among pilots and passengers for its wild, nearly vertical liftoff, designed to make as little noise as possible as to not annoy Newport Beach residents.

Few people on the flight laughed. Probably Newporters.

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Well, the county wouldn't have to worry about any of that if an airport had been built at the El Toro marine base when it had the chance. But, that "Great Park" is awesome and done so much for the local economy.


Old, old joke.  25 years ago I had a pilot come on and tell us that we would be making a "noise abatement" takeoff (steep ascent & powering down at 500 feet).  He told us that in order not to annoy the people on the ground that there would be no talking allowed during takeoff.  We chuckled.

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