Bruises, Burning Dumpsters, and More: Photos from Yesterday's Anaheim Protests Against Killings by Police

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Brandon Ferguson
Protesters line an intersection in Anaheim.
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Last night's protest in the wake of the officer involved shooting death of Anaheim resident Manuel Diaz saw officers responding at least twice to remove flaming dumpsters from busy La Palma Avenue. The tensions between residents and cops began Friday when 25-year-old Diaz, who was unarmed, was shot by police in front of an apartment complex on North Anna Drive

But the situation grew worse Saturday after officers fired rubber bullets at protesters gathered near the site of the shooting, and released a German Shepard into a crowd containing children. Yesterday afternoon, protesters stormed the Anaheim police station, at one point gaining access to the building's lobby. Later, angry residents gathered around the intersection of La Palma Boulevard and North Anna Street carrying signs reading "Stop Killer Cops," and "F*** the Police." 

More than once, dumpsters were pushed into traffic and set ablaze. During one police response, bottles were hurled, prompting officers to dawn helmets and arm themselves with shotguns and assault weapons. Police and fire personnel put a fire out just after 1 a.m. as a handful of angry bystanders yelled insults calling officers "killers" and "murderers." Meanwhile, Anaheim police shot and killed another man, Joel Acevedo, late last night in the 400 block of West Gunida Lane

Brandon Ferguson
Residents protest Sunday night in response to last week's officer-involved shooting of Anaheim resident Manuel Diaz.

Brandon Ferguson
Protester shows a wound sustained Saturday night after Anaheim police fired rubber bullets into a crowd.

Brandon Ferguson

Brandon Ferguson
Protesters angry at the police shooting of Anaheim resident Manuel Diaz set several dumpsters on fire.

Brandon Ferguson
Man watches as dumpster burns near the intersection of La Palma Avenue and north Anna Street.

Brandon Ferguson
An officer stands guard as firefighters put out a dumpster fire.

Brandon Ferguson
Woman screams at an officer standing guard as firefighters extinguish dumpster blazes nearby.

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