Then there Were Three: Jay Cicinelli Drops Like a One-Eyed Fly

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Despite only having one eye, we're sure Jay Cicinelli saw this one coming from a mile away. The Fullerton cop, charged with involuntary manslaughter and excessive use of force in the unnecessary beating death of homeless man Kelly Thomas, has been fired.

 "The employment status of Corporal Jay Cicinelli ended with the City of Fullerton, effective July 20, 2012," Sgt. Jeff Stuart said in a statement released yesterday.

Prior to his departure, he had been on unpaid administrative leave since October of last year.

This follows revelations that both Manuel Ramos, charged with second degree murder and involuntary manslaughter in the Thomas death, and officer Joe Wolfe were also recently fired. Though Kelly's father Ron Thomas has called on Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas to file charges against Wolfe, Cicinelli and Ramos are the only ones currently facing trial. 

Cicinelli is the third officer to depart the troubled department in the wake of the beating. He came to Fullerton after the Los Angeles Police Department put him on its permanent disabled list. Back in 1996, Cicinelli was two weeks into his assignment in South LA when he was shot six times and lost the use of his left eye as a result.

During last July's attack on Thomas, grainy bus station video shows Cicinelli arriving on the scene as several officers pile on the unarmed homeless man. Cicinelli can be seen repeatedly bashing Thomas in the face after zapping him with a Taser.

Cicinelli's stepfather John Huelsman recently told KTTV-TV Channel 11 that he believes what appears to be Cicinelli striking Thomas in the face, is in fact an attempt by Cicinelli to keep the Taser chord away from Thomas. Hueslman also maintained that far from hitting Thomas in the facial area eight times as alleged by DA Rackauckas, Cicinelli probably only hit Thomas twice. For the full story, including a response from OCDA Chief of Staff Susan Schroeder, click here.

While three other officers involved in Thomas's death have been handed letters of intent to terminate, they presumably remain with the department. Seems like they're dropping like flies. So dear readers, who of the dirty half-dozen is next? We're taking all bets. 

Be sure to read this week's column on attempts by Fullerton residents to establish civilian oversight of the police department. No big surprise, with powerful police unions and lobbyists, citizens face an uphill battle.

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That's awesome - what a great start.  Fire the Cyclops and every other idiot LEO who partook in the beating and assasination.  Prosecute them all for MURDER.  Moreover, go after MURDER 1 since the officer demonstrated intent and the act was not only heinous but under color of authority.  Take away their cushy calpers pensions, sue them so their families lose everything they own, and force them to live on the street like Kelly Thomas did.  Perhaps when some other enterprising Fullerton / LAPD / name your city officer reacts in the same despicable way towards their family like they did, they'll begin to understand.  The abuse of 830.1 must stop.  The wink/nod/elbow in the ribs that these double standard LEOs continue to abuse must be criminally prosecuted.  After Cyclops' demonstrated pisspoor judgment during his employment with LAPD resulting in him getting shot, and being fired during his probationary period for not meeting the standard, idiot Mike Hillman keeps him from being medically retired and places him at Fullerton where he can aid in Murdering Thomas.  It seems as though the one eyed, once fired cop gets another chance at taking out his rage on someone, this time an unarmed, mentally disabled weakling.  Hillman is just as responsible for this murder. And Mel-low, when you can get off your donut-eating arse and make 7 figures, come join my country club if we allow you in (chances are we won't - you're a little bitter for our group).   


Members of Kelly’s Mob who are obviously from the trailer trash and uneducated sector of society. This is not what real hardworking people of Fullerton look like by no means. The results were not to their favor so they were rude and offensive to the council. Ron Thomas looked pitiful with his new hairstyle and crocodile tears. His new sympathtic persona is a desperate act of a father who abandoned his son to eat from trash cans and steal to survive on the street. Word around town is that Ron was kicked out of the sheriff academy (look it up), and is as much a martial arts master as Barney Fife. This unethical man turns his political aliments in a flash. No longer aligns himself with Tony Bushala because Tony used Kelly’s case to fire up his recall campaign. Ron was publicly buddy-buddy with Raukakus at the time of the indictment announcement. Then was critical of the D.A. for not releasing the video. Now is in agreement with Raukakus to not release the tape, this after he and his ex-wife viewed the tape. I think Ron did not see what he hoped to see. I think Ron wants to hide the tape just as long as he can. Your “Kleenex” strategy is despicable as you cannot produce real tears, or any tears as a broken father who can’t hardly hold it together, you are a bad actor Ron and a liar. Right, you didn’t recognize your crazy eyed hairy son. You lied. And have always lied and will continue to lie until you get what you really want, money. To see the public brawl you and your ex will have over that settlement will be a shame. Then we’ll never see again. Yes, after you settle, you’ll be gone. Or maybe you can talk Tony Bushala to convert some of his buildings into homeless shelters, that you can contribute money to operate. Right. The officers will be exonerated because they were only trying to arrest a violent criminal who tried to flee. Officer Ramos is a killer because he used the F word? Come on now, you cannot put a man in prison for life, for using the F word. And as for putting on gloves, who would not, before putting your hands on a filthy, flee infested, shirtless nut. A dangerous man who was a reflection of the way he was raised. The truth will prevail when the officers are cleared and you and the unethical lynch mob can part ways. You, to spend your dollars , the mob, back to the bars, jails and low life, they crept out of. Ron Thomas, you’re a loser.


 @Mel-Low Apparently the "Trailer Trash" of Fullerton have greater numbers than you know Officer, (or former officer) Mel-Low, How many members of the city council are now Former Council Members? IF the Officers are exonerated it will only be as T Rak blew the case, (most likely intentionally) He was pushed into prosecuting by public outrage. and he takes the case personally for appearances only. You Pigs need to learn that you are NOT the law. The officers were not trying to arrest a violent criminal, they were beating a homeless schizophrenic to death in a violent attempt to send a message to other homeless to stay away from the bar that made the call! I wish you success in your new field of employment, as a security guard.

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