James Coley, Newporter Partying in Palm Springs, Held in Death by Drunken Driver

A Newport Beach man, who reportedly admitted drinking at a Palm Springs bar before allegedly driving into and killing a Cathedral City woman on a Riverside County roadway, was arrested for the killing over the weekend.

James Coley, 49, was held because of what he told police and the fact that he reportedly appeared to be intoxicated.

Coley was driving on Date Palm Drive between Converse Road and Gerald Ford Drive around 1:45 a.m. Saturday when 39-year-old Lourdes Jauregui was struck and thrown 30 feet. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The woman had been walking with a man who ran away before police arrived, and though authorities want to question him as a witness, they also believe he's a Hispanic parolee who goes by the name "Rafa."

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This is the most negligently inaccurate article I have read on this incident. Coley was arrested for INTOXICATION - the victim and her companion were RUNNING across the dark street. She was not THROWN 30ft, the distance between her and the car was 30ft - maybe the driver got the car out of the middle of this dark stree after she was on the groundt. Almost any other article I've read is more accuarte than this one. The facts in this one are completely maliciously twisted. Shame on you Matt Coker!

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