Huntington Beach Police SWAT Officer Shot--by Fellow SWAT Officer

Following a day of training, SWAT team officers were cleaning their weapons at the Huntington Beach police station around 10 p.m. Wednesday when an officer's revolver fired.

The round struck the floor and ricocheted, striking the leg of a colleague, according to police spokesmen. The unidentified shooting victim was rushed to UCI Medical Center in Orange, where he underwent surgery this morning.

His injury is not life-threatening, according to his agency.

As this is technically an officer-involved shooting, the incident will be investigated by the Orange County Sheriff's Department, as is routine.

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This article was actually written in 1985 and Matt's just resurrecting it for posterity's sake. hahaha.... no one uses revolvers anymore.


Actually, there is one possibility. If they carry Glocks, you have to pull the trigger to allow the slide release to disengage the slide from the frame. If the officer was lazy and didn't clear the chamber first, this makes sense. Stupid but possible.


I call horse shit.  Somebody was either incompetent or being plain old stupid.  Guns don't go off when cleaning them unless you're fucking retarded and even then, a retarded person could not accidentally discharge a weapon.  They're covering for each other.

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