[UPDATED with Kreep Wins!] Did Dirty Trickster James Lacy Help Minuteman-Birther Gary Kreep Win Judge Race?

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See update at the end of this post clarifying that Gary Kreep won the judge's race outright.

Your ... honor?
Batshit birthers Gary Kreep and Orly Taitz famously split like Dick and Liz while trying to prove Barack Obama was born outside the U.S. While South County's birfer queen went on to lose her recent bid for a California U.S. Senate seat, Kreep survived the primary election and remains on the ballot for won a San Diego County judgeship.

But questions are being raised about whether Kreep was helped by an OC dirty trickster.

After Kreep, a very right-wing candidate with Minuteman leanings, received the majority of votes in the primary for the Superior Court race, the Voice of San Diego analyzed precinct data and discovered he did very well in southern San Diego, which is composed mostly of Democrats, Latinos and Democratic Latinos.

OC Weekly Gary Kreep-Orly Taitz Feud Archives

Tipped by an anonymous source, San Diego City Beat's Dave Maass is reporting last-minute robocalls were made by a political action committee (PAC) called Taxpayers for Safer Neighborhoods against Kreep's opponent, Deputy District Attorney Garland Peed. Maass includes in his online report this audio of such a call, which claims Peed would be "the worst kind of county judge" because he used plea bargains to put a drug dealers back on the streets.

The call cites the case of a criminal named Brian Moore, but as Maass reports the group conflates the prison sentences of two inmates with the same first and last name. Robocalls in elections are outlawed in California anyway if they are not introduced by a real person. The one slamming Peed was not, according to the City Beater.

If this sounds like the kind of Election Day crap that's born in Orange County, you'll be happy to know the PAC has slimy right-wing Orange County politics all over it.

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