Gail Eastman, Anaheim Councilwoman, Celebrates Defeat of Democracy While City Burns

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I always knew Anaheim councilwoman Gail Eastman was a tool, or at best a deluded bat, especially after she deemed herself a historian and wrote an execrable book for children that purported to tell the history of my home town but bowdlerized everything about it when not telling outright lies.

But now that Eastman has committed one of the most HILARIOUS political faux pauxs in recent memory, let's call her what she is: a pendeja.

On Tuesday, while Anaheim continued to burn, Eastman posted a message to a private Internet message board that thanked the riots for allowing her and her cohorts on the Anaheim City Council to subvert democracy.

As first reported by the No Jordan Brandman blog (which, quick aside: YES on No Brandman for City Council, and YES for a muckraking Anaheim blog--about damn time!), Eastman wrote on the message board just after attending a City Council meeting that it was "finally quiet in the hood" and proceeded to express gratitude for the riots. The council meeting was ended short due to the riots, which meant that two critical agenda items weren't heard. One dealt with allowing Anaheim residents to vote on a multi-million-dollar subsidy to hotel developers; another would've put the issue of creating ward districts for city council elections instead of the current at-large system on the ballot as well. Activists want the two, to create a more participatory Anaheim electorate. Eastman and her fellow developer puppets on the council, Harry Sidhu and Kris Murray, are opposed.

But the riots happened, which meant the council couldn't place those initiatives on the November ballot, which means it ain't going to happen, which means Eastman is ecstatic. "The bonus now is that a threat of seeing either the [subsidy] 
issue or districting on the November ballot is past," Eastman enthused. "In spite of how it happened, it was a big time win for all who opposed seeing that placed on the November ballot...Tonight we celebrate a win with no shots fired!"

This, after Anaheim police fired rubber bullets at protestors--CLUELESS!

The comment sparked a furor in Anaheim's political classes, and a half-assed apology that Eastman just posted on Facebook (with the convenient excuse that "it was late, I was exhausted"), although she seems to think that the furor is about her use of the word "hood" and not her bullshit politics.

Worst of all? Eastman is the only councilmember who doesn't live in Anaheim Hills. She should know better--but that she doesn't tells you all you need to know about how clueless Anaheim leadership truly is. BOOT THE BUMS OUT!

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Gail Eastman is a tool for Disney and wealthy developers who want to steal tax revenue for their own pet projects.


Yikes who is the tool here, a neurotic homosexual latino who clearly had a troubled youth is working with other liberals to try and take over a conservative county with heavy corporate investment in the community. Boot this bum out and if you hate Anaheim's leadership so much then go live in LA


Gayle Eastman is a good person who tries hard to help govern this city. It's too bad that reporters like this seem more interested in getting everyone charged up rather then focus on the issues and present them in a civil manner.


One dumpster and a bus bench burning does not make "while the city burned". I live in downtown Anaheim where this occurred. Why don't you do a write up on how Lori Gallaway, Anaheim city councilwoman, was outside during the council meeting inciting the protestors? I don't really care for Gail Eastman, and I did not, and won't vote for her, but her email was not that big a deal. Read the whole email. Mr. Arellano, your report is grossly exagerated. Your stories have a reputation for being filled with exagerations and most people I know, don't give credance to your reports... 


What a clueless bitch.  By the way, she looks sort of like The Joker's half-witted sister in that picture above.

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