Citizen Group Seeks Oversight of Fullerton PD

On Wed., July 11 at 6:30 p.m. the Police Oversight Proposal Committee will deliver a presentation on methods of police oversight. The citizen group, comprised of roughly half a dozen local residents, formed last November in the aftermath of the Kelly Thomas beating. The group seeks to develop civilian oversight of the Fullerton Police Department, long perceived by many to be unaccountable to the public. Wednesday's free event will be held at the Fullerton Public Library and will be facilitated by Cal State Fullerton Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Jarret Lovell

"We got to the point where we realized what we needed is more information on how other cities are doing this," said Committee member Matt Leslie, 48. "Jarret had some insight into (other) cities that had effective commissions."

Maria Hernandez-Figueroa and Eduardo Calderon, both students in CSUF's masters of public administration program are slated to present their findings on civilian oversight of law enforcement agencies.

According to Leslie, Acting Police Chief Dan Hughes has indicated he will attend the presentation.

"I can't tell you how (FPD) is going to receive this, but Capt. Dan Hughes has been very welcoming," Leslie said.

According to a press release, analysis will cover different forms of police oversight as well as increasing transparency and "counteracting institutional conditions that lead to abuse." 

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I had Jarret Lovell as a professor at Cal State Fullerton and he is truly a stand up human being. Very intelligent, very involved with human/civil rights, and very keen on doing the right thing. He will be outspoken, he will ask questions, he will get answers. Kudos Professor Lovell for stepping up in this position, since it is completely apparent that some sort of oversight committee is needed since the police department has shown the inability to oversee their own. 

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