The Case of the Bare Feet Showdown at a Fountain Valley Denny's

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Four laughing Fountain Valley High School students entered a Denny's to eat breakfast on the morning of July 3, but the waiter wasn't amused.

One of the teens--a lanky, blond-haired kid wearing a t-shirt and swimming trunks--had nothing on his feet.

"No shoes," the waiter said firmly. "No service."

The group of teens argued, moaned and tossed out a few mild cuss words, but after about 90 seconds left the restaurant.

Who thought American youth would give up so easily?

Five minutes later, the boys re-entered the Denny's, stopped in the lobby and quietly waited to be seated.

The waiter returned, looked at the blond-haired kid's feet, rolled his eyes and shook his head.

The kid had wrapped two different blue colored beach towels around his feet.

The group burst out laughing.

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"Well, I get credit for creativity, right?" the kid asked.

It looked like another tense showdown when one of the other high school kids blurted out, "Towel shoes are shoes!"

The waiter's stern face broke into a smile and he agreed to seat them.

The shoe-less kid threw his arms up in victory and dramatically shuffled his towel-wrapped feet like he was snow skiing to the table.

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 Speaking with so much emotion against bare feet makes you sound more ignorant than anything.  You say barefooters are "disgusting"  which just sounds like you have a phobia of bare feet.  I suppose you think people who don't wear gloves are disgusting and clueless as well since hands are far dirtier than shoes or feet.  And hands are all over your food during preparation, and all over the surfaces we eat off of.  Last time I checked, most people didn't eat off the floor whether it had been walked on by bare feet or shoes. There is something about our culture, America in particular, that bare feet in a situation where it isn't common (like a pool or the beach) strikes all kinds of fear and negative emotion in even the most open minded of people.  Flip flops don't look much different than bare feet, are just as dirty if not dirtier from the nice material bacteria have to grow in, but yet you, like most people, probably wouldn't think twice about someone in flip flops.  I would agree that in certain cases no one has any right to be on any private property, but if a person is barefoot because of religious beliefs it could be argued that they do have a right as religion is protected from discrimination. I think what is far more disturbing is the lack of customer appreciation, especially in America.  It is far more common for a business to have the attitude of "you are only allowed to do business here because I let you" instead of "Let's respect our customers and provide them with a great experience so they will continue to do business with us".


You disgusting barefooters who claim a "right" to be barefoot in a restaurant are absolutely clueless. A restaurant is private property and you have no right to be there. Why are Americans so quick to think "I'll sue" when they are confronted with anything that displeases them? Arrogant, annoying, and entitled.

Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

He should have "accidentally" stepped on a steak knife and whoops--lawsuit!


I would have taken my business elsewhere and not gave into the stupidity of the servers there.  I am a barefooter of 11 years (for religious reasons)  That would have been a violation of my civil right.  Companies need to do a better job at education their employees to have some cultural sensitivity.  On top of that, if the kid got hurt he could have sued since he had to put something on his feet.  If he would have just been allowed in barefoot it is at his own risk.  

USMC and America proud
USMC and America proud

Hmmm. ...…I've never been stopped for being barefoot in Denny's. 'Course I don't wear shoes and wouldn't put up with a dumb waiter like him to begin with. There is NO law that says a person has to even OWN shoes, and I don't put up with people violating my rights like this guy did the kid!

Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

Hey, I'll betcha that those four laughing students were stoners...

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