Edward Justin La Porte, Ex-Cop-Turned Fake Massage "Inspector," Gets Unhappy Ending

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A retired Chicago-area cop admitted in court today he flashed a clipboard, holstered 9mm gun and badge on his waistband to Lake Forest day spa workers undergoing his phony "inspection"--and then went on to strip naked, demand a massage and, when he did not get his requested happy ending, ordered $200 payment for his "services." Edward Justin La Porte of Mission Viejo was today sentenced under a court offer to six months in jail, over the objection of the Orange County District Attorney's office, which wanted the 48-year-old horndog to do a year.

La Porte walked into Golden Spa on Muirlands Boulevard in late January 2011 and told the manager he was making a spot inspection due to customer complaints. His gear and demeanor looked legit, so the manager complied.

But, a few minutes into his check, La Porte whined that his back and shoulder ached and requested a massage. A strange request, sure, especially without an appointment, but the manager allowed that, too.

By the time a female masseuse walked into the massage room, La Porte was already naked and face down on the table. After getting his back rubbed, the fake cop flipped over and demanded that she continue on his front side.

That request was denied.

Edward Justin La Porte, Ex-Cop Accused of Pulling Fake Massage-Parlor Check and Getting Free Rubdown While Naked, May Have Hit More Shops

The manager told La Porte Golden Spa is not that kind of spa. The supposed inspector then dressed, retrieved his clipboard and resumed looking around before eventually demanding $200 for his services while paying nothing for the rubdown.

The manager found this really beyond the norm and called the city licensing department to inquire about complaints against his business. There were none, responded a city official who then rushed over to confront La Porte.

The ex-cop told the city official he didn't have to explain himself to anyone before running over to his car and driving off. But a masseuse got into her car, followed him and got his license-plate number, which was forwarded to the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

Another South County Massage Parlor Stung by Fake Cop

Vice investigators served a search warrant at La Porte's Ladera Drive home and found handcuffs, a metal clipboard, a loaded 9 mm handgun in a holster and two loaded ammunition clips. The badge was from the police force in Arlington Heights, which is about 25 miles outside Chicago and where La Porte was an officer from 1997 to 2001.

His real occupation at the time of his arrest was "security," so La Porte was booked on suspicion of burglary and impersonating a police officer. He spent a night in jail. Besides being sentenced to six more months there, the judge today gave La Porte three years of probation after he copped to to one felony count of second degree commercial burglary, two misdemeanor counts of misrepresenting oneself as a peace officer, and one felony count each of having a concealed firearm on a defendant's person, and carrying a loaded firearm in public.

Hopefully, La Porte will emerge from this shameful experience a better man, ready to get on with a life of rich spiritual fulfillment. But should he again require legal services, we have a recommendation: Ellen Anise Rowland.

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I am Ellen Rowland and to the person who only believes half of what you hear...u are a very wise person. Mat Corker and everyone else who chimed in are idiots who don'Mt get facts correct and wrongfully attempt to ruin other people's lives for their own amusement. The ONLY correct statement he made is I AM NOT an attorney. I never asked or got paid any money whatsoever and I had TWO (not 11) prescribed Vicodin (not black market) and the charges against me are being dismissed. So to Mat and the rest of the character shredders who commented on me....KMA....CAUSE U ARE LYING IDIOTS who run with false facts. When I last read, a person is innocent until proven guilt....not vice versa. Thanks for the nice pic.

Paul Lucas
Paul Lucas

wait? The lady gets 4 years and the fake cop gets probation?

Shenanigans in OC
Shenanigans in OC

I see this LaPorte guy also got busted earlier this year for "Possession of marijuana for sale" and enhancements for committing felonies, while out on bail. But that case was dismissed last month. What are the odds this isn't the last time we hear about this guy being attached to a criminal case?


I can't afford massages and thereby am unfamiliar with massage etiquette (i.e. full nudity), I also do not believe half of what I read and any of what I hear, and clearly am not privy to details of this case.  However, one wonders if the OCDA would have been able to find and make stick an "Indecent Exposure" charge in there somewhere, complete with mandatory sex offender registration and prohibition to enter public parks, if the defendant were not (former) Law Enforcement.  Reminiscent of this one: http://blogs.ocweekly.com/navelgazing/2011/06/paul_lawrence_wadley_lewd_plea.php

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