Will Segways be Newest Rides at Disneyland and California Adventure?

You'll see all kinds of folks at the Disney resorts in Anaheim: really fat people, others who wish they were as skinny as the really fat people, and grandmas (generally fat) faking disabilities so they, their wheelchairs and their families (generally fat) can cut to the front of long Disneyland and California Adventure lines.

Now, thanks to the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, some of those folks may wind up on Segways. God help us.

Overturning a lower court decision favoring the Walt Disney Co., a three-judge panel of the appellate court says its time for the Mouseketeers to study the idea of providing Segways for some disabled people.

The panel ruled on a lawsuit brought by Tina Baughman, who suffers from a form of muscular dystrophy that makes it difficult for her to walk or rise from a seated position. She claimed Disney violated her rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act by refusing her request to bring a Segway upright scooter into the park to celebrate her daughter's eighth birthday.

Here is the decision: 9th-circuit-tina-baughman-v-disney.htm.

"Technological advances didn't end with the powered wheelchair," Chief Judge Alex Kozinski wrote for the court. ". . . As new devices become available, public accommodations must consider using or adapting them to help disabled guests have an experience more akin to that of non-disabled."

The case will now be kicked back to a lower court, where Disney must prove, with actual cited risks, why Segways would pose dangers.

Kozinski offered a playful parting shot.

"We have every confidence that the organization that, half a century ago, brought us the Carousel of Progress and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln can lead the way in using new technology to make its parks more welcoming to disabled guests," the justice wrote.

Coming up: signs stating, "You must be this disabled to ride Mr. Toad's Wild Segway Ride."

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People who don't know how to operate Segways safely are dangerous. People with disabilities who rely on Segways for their personal mobility have a lot of experience using them in every kind of situation. They are more cautious than other members of the public because they do not want to become more disabled than they already are.


I believe that the segway's are a danger to the people around them. I was in Vegas about a year ago and witnesses a person run over by one and severly injured. There are places that rent them out in Vegas and dont make sure that people know how to properly control them. Them you also have the panic factor to account for. The person that hit the peditrian on the side walk had not riden one before and had less than 3 minutes of training before they were turned loose. He said when he got to close to the people on the sidewalk he paniced and could not remember how to stop the device and lost control of it,


Joey H.
Joey H.

You know what you also see at Disneyland? Actually disabled people in wheelchairs and using other assistive technology. Like me. Let me ask you something: would you have made the same joke like this: "You must be this black to ride" or "You must be this Jewish to ride." Problem posting those? Then why is it okay to mock the disabled? No problem posting those? You've got bigger issues. This is a really disgustingly bigoted piece of crap reporting. Shame on you.

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