FBI Nabs Dangerous East Coast Gang Leader in Huntington Beach

David Andrea Jenkins FBI gangster.jpg
Jenkins: Dangerous South Carolina Gang Leader Arrested in Huntington Beach
Following a 134-count federal grand jury indictment, the FBI arrested the 35-year-old leader of a notorious South Carolina criminal gang United Blood Nation (AKA Bloods Street Gang) in Huntington Beach this week.

South Carolina-native David Andrea Jenkins (AKA "Dread") and his gang members used sophisticated codes--but ones not good enough to stump federal agents--to communicate while they committed murders, aggravated assaults, kidnappings, drug trafficking, illegal weapons sales, wire fraud and prostitution, according to a 100-page indictment reviewed by the Weekly.

By 1999, Jenkins had taken over the gang's South Carolina operations from James Powell (AKA "Munchie"), who'd come from New York and the Gangsta Killa Bloods (GKB), according to law enforcement.

Jenkins and his fellow hoodlums did not know the extent the FBI monitored their activities, including their telephone calls, and spoke freely about distributing crack cocaine, committing violence against rivals and discovering snitches.

Degregory Reaves.jpg
Alleged Jenkins associate Degregory Reaves
In South Carolina, federal agents arrested more than 20 other alleged gangsters with nicknames like Arsonist, Tater Head, Shotgun, Gucci, Red Boy, Big Mama Blood, Buck, Bnezzy, Fish, Kapone, Southside, Junior, Teazy, Metro, Rockaroni and Killer.

Christian Michelle Spencer .jpg
Alleged Jenkins associate Christian Michelle Spencer
According to police records, Jenkins has been transferred out of the Santa Ana Jail, where he was originally housed by U.S. marshals.

United States Attorney David Nettles in South Carolina and FBI Agent David A. Thomas hailed the arrests as a major blow to the gang's activities.

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They are all a bunch of losers.

Sean Henschel
Sean Henschel

It's good to see they also arrested "Tater Head"...


I'm betting Aryan Brotherhood, joined up while doing a stretch for bestiality.

Jack Grimshaw
Jack Grimshaw

David Jenkins? DAVID JENKINS?!! He's from Wales, man! Has to be! Those other two - Mr Pinhead and Ms IQ of a Toilet Brush - are probably black Irish! A buncha $%$#$#%* Celtic hoodlums! Doubtless some Scotch %$%$#@# in the ranks also ...

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