Introducing OC Weekly's New Commenting System

If you're one of our readers who reads past the headline and the pretty picture
at the top, you
 may notice we have a nifty little commenting forum below each article and slideshow. It's a pretty lively place--a perfect complement to this "lively journal." Racism, intelligent discourse, spam for cheap Prada bags; it's all there. 

Well, we've recently renovated the commenting section. It's bigger, faster, stronger. Introducing LiveFyre.

The first thing you'll notice is when you go to make a comment you won't be logged in. Fear not, 20ftJesus and 909Jeff, it takes but a moment to get back into the commenting world of OC Weekly. Direct your gaze to the top right of this page. You'll see a black bar with the words "Join." Once clicked, it will give you a few options: sign up with a username or sync with an existing Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Twitter account. 


After you get all that business out of the way you'll be ready to experience the new LiveFyre commenting system. "What's so special about LiveFyre?" you may ask. Well hold on a second, junior. I'm getting there.

This Shit is Social
  • When you find an article your mom, buddy, cat or enemy might like, you can simply tag them via Facebook or Twitter in the commenting system instead of you know, like clicking on the next tab over and going to their Facebook page. Once you've linked with Facebook, just throw an @ before their Facebook name. You will also be able to see what your friends are trolling doing around the site.

Lurkin' and Loving It
  • Now you can see how many people are lurking (or "listening" to) a certain comment conversation. Also, no more having to click or refresh to see a new comment--it just pops up! 

One Account to Rule Them All
  • This new My Voice Nation account you just created gives you access to all commenting forums across the Village Voice Media chain and Soon, you'll be able to subscribe to your favorite authors and topics and be notified when we write something new.
Okay. Make sense? Good. If you have any more questions about LiveFyre, leave them in the comments and we'll do our best to answer your burning questions.

Oh, and comments made before 3 p.m. today will disappear for a few hours but all comments will be restored by this evening. 

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