Police Protests in Anaheim Last Night Echo the Citrus War of Yesteryear

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As more than a thousand protestors clashed in Anaheim with police in the streets below, several helicopters hovered above the night's sky while Disneyland's fireworks exploded in air, oblivious to it all. The juxtaposition between the virtual and real versions of the city has now been deemed by this notorious blog as the "greatest moment in OC history!"

Long before a pair of fatal police shootings in the city this past weekend set off social unrest, another historical event transpired just a stone's throw away from where the Battle of Anaheim took place. It was on a summer day in July seventy-six years ago when the Citrus War, Orange County's bloodiest labor struggle and most important event in its history, got started.

It all began on an orange grove located on Santa Ana Street between Helena and Clementine streets in Anaheim--not far from the current location of the police department's headquarters. A group of two hundred women urged Mexi orange pickers to let the fruit keep hanging in the name of striking for better working conditions when an altercation with Anaheim police set the fire to the fuse.

The clashes between laborers, scabs and authorities led to charges of rioting. Sheriff Logan Jackson blamed the unrest on radical so-called outsiders telling the Santa Ana Register, "This whole strike is now an assault upon the people of Orange County by communist agitators who are here for no good purpose."

At this morning's news conference, Anaheim Chief of Police John Welter made the incredulous claim that two-thirds of last night's protestors were not from the city and those among them were of a different ideological stripe. Despite there being more than a thousand people out on the streets, arrests of Anaheimers in the supposed minority of the crowd, as we are led to believe, were carried out with an almost laser-like precision with all but four of those taken into custody not from the city.

"Our job is to protect property and life," Welter is quoted in CNN as saying. "Our job isn't to stand back in the back and let anarchists or rioters damage property and injure people."

Ah yes, the ever convenient anarchists. Communists are apparently out-of-style for law enforcement officials unlike in the days of the Citrus War, so searching for a new radical leftist scapegoat is a must. Surely, the mass protests of Mexis in Anaheim couldn't have been homegrown!

Flashing back to Jackson, a familiar mantra was trotted out in the same comments to the Register, albeit with an infamous "shoot to kill" order soon to come in the historical fold. "If deputies are required to use their guns for the protection of life and property, they will, of course, be expected to do so," he stated.

The Citrus War between orange pickers and orchardists forever cemented Orange County's distrust of its working-poor Mexis, especially when they took to the avenues of social struggles demanding justice.

The historical event had a profound effect on the late, great Carey McWilliams who drew distinctions between the pilfering of the convenient orange crate imagery of the industry and its actual oppressive realities -- the same dichotomy on display now for the world to see as the mirage of Disneyland has been stripped bare by outrage on the streets of Anaheim, the kind of which Chief Welter would rather have you think is the work of outside agitators.

The more things change...pues, ya tú sabes how the rest goes.

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The lawyer for Díaz's family said Hispanics feel they are disproportionately singled out by police and instinctively avoid police.  "White kids in a rich white neighborhood don't get rousted by police and when they do, they don't have to fear the police. But that's not true with brown kids in a poor neighborhood," said Dana Douglas, the attorney.

Dana Douglas:  One more scumbag, money grubbing lawyer who wants to frame illegal and despicable actions of rioters by RACE BAITING.  If the cops shot this young man without just cause (he was armed and an immediate threat to their lives) they should be tried and punished.  Attempting to taint all America people and police forces by turning this into a “white rich kid vs.  poor brown kid” is the kind of close minded, racist, bigoted act that spurs on more senseless violence and destruction.



¡Ja, ja ja!  No me jodas, tio.


The fact is the Mexicans *are* the scabs. Back when you were in diapers, in the early 1990s, you could actually see, in OC, construction worker trucks with 'live better, work union' bumperstickers on them. Then the developers started hiring Mexicans (the 'cousins' of those amnestied in 1986, and broke the carpenter's union. Same thing with the janitor's union. 


Look, it's cool if you are an ethno-activist, but please, be intellectually honest -- illegal, and even legal, immigration pushes down wages, especially for unskilled workers and tradesmen. There is a reason that Cesar Chavez would report illegals to the INS (precursor to ICE). Just like your  'gabacho' buddies at teh Weakly, you ignore reality. They seem to believe that somehow you  can have millions of immigrants entering the country (legally or illegally) and still preserve open space, not have housing developments, and so on. You seem to believe that allowing millions of illegal and legal immigrants is compatible with a 'living wage' or some such. All of you are ignoring reality.




Are you saying that Mexican immigrants would have been better off if they stayed in the revolutionary violence of '20s & '30s Mexico?


Quite a stretch dude.....quite a stretch....You guys over at OC weekly never cease to amaze me with your racially biased so called "news"...... what a joke.


 @Adevarul if you were a brown kid in a poor neighborhood you would know that this is exactly the case. i'm a college graduate that grew up in multiple shitty areas of anaheim and i still fear the police, especially when i'm back home.


i don't even look like a cholo but because my skin is brown and i am in the area, i have to keep on my toes just to try to avoid the cruisers that patrol the same neighborhood for hours on end.

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