Brittany Dawn Killgore, Marine's Estranged Wife, Murdered by Sex-Slave Ring: Warrants

Brittany Dawn Killgore was murdered three days after she filed papers to divorce her Camp Pendleton Marine husband serving in Afghanistan because a female sex slave feared the 22-year-old was moving in on her male "master" and his female servant.

That's the story one of three murder suspects reportedly  police detectives, who believe Killgore was snuffed out by a "master, servant and slave role playing" ring into "unusual sexual fetishes."

So much for Lance Cpl. Cory Killgore's desire to silence "salacious gossip and rumor" surrounding his wife's demise. The Marine made that plea after, well, salacious stories began circulating following the arrest of three bizarre suspects in her murder.

Brittany Dawn Killgore's Murder Provides Camp Pendleton with its Own Twin Peaks Mystery

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Jessica Lynn Lopez
The body of Brittany Killgore was found in a ravine near a Riverside County lake on April 13. She had neck injuries consistent with strangulation and marks on her wrist and leg that suggested someone tried to use a saw or other tool to dismember her, according to an arrest warrant viewed via a judge's order by the Associated Press and other media organizations.

Included in the document is a startling, disturbing and, well, salacious confession murder suspect Jessica Lynn Lopez gave to San Diego County Sheriff's homicide detectives after she was arrested April 17 at a San Diego Ramada Inn with blood streaming from cuts she made to her arms.

A mirror in the motel room had "PIGS READ THIS" scrawled on it, and just below was her apparent suicide note: seven pages laced with profanities, accusations that the cops were incompetent and a detailed explanation of where Killgore's body had been left and the deceased's injuries, which were consistent with what detectives and medical examiners had discovered.

Here is the narrative Lopez spins in the warrant:

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Louis Ray Perez
She believed Killgore wanted to be with the man Lopez refers to as her "master" (but deputies call their "murder suspect"), Camp Pendleton Marine Louis Ray Perez. Explaining she had been burned before when an outsider joined her sex-slave ring, Lopez wrote she shot Killgore with a stun gun as soon as she entered the Fallbrook home 45-year-old Perez shared with Lopez, 25, and sex servant/third murder suspect Dorothy Maraglino, 38.

Lopez went on to wrap a rope around Killgore's neck, bury her face in a pillow and strangle her. "She barely moved but she just wouldn't die, the miserable whore," the letter reportedly states, adding 300 lbs. Lopez had tried "to chop ... up" Killgore with Perez's power tools and doused her in bleach before dumping the nude body near Lake Skinner.

Perez, er, her "master," had nothing to do with Killgore's killing, Lopez stressed, but cops aren't buying it, according to the warrant. Investigators say they found Killgore's blood, a pair of gloves and a stun gun with Perez's DNA on it in his mud-caked Ford Explorer.

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