Police: Welcome To Anaheimistan; Now Obey Our Whims or Die

Mao Anaheim police .jpg
Mao: Government officials know best so just quietly obey and go shop to create tax dollars for more lethal police actions and generous pensions
It's a historical fact that the biggest threat to the citizens of any nation isn't outsiders but their own government's police and military--the folks with all the guns, arrest powers and unwavering insistence that their own violence is committed only as a means to peace.

For proof, glance at the history of Iraq, Russia, Syria, Rwanda, Cambodia, Iran, Angola, Bosnia, Egypt, Vietnam, China, Ghana, France, North Korea, Sudan, Italy, Myanmar and on and on.

At various times in its history, United States government agents too have made portions of this nation an abusive police state.

Who in their right mind would want to be a black man living in 1920 Mississippi?

Now in the shadows of the world's most famous amusement park residents of Anaheim are bravely (and in some cases stupidly) confronting the Anaheim Police Department, an at times callous, authoritative government power that isn't accustomed to being questioned even when it executes people.

Crisis always spurs creativity and the most original ideas are presently forming outside of the gates of Disneyland.

Several days ago, nationally-syndicated cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz created this image:

Lalo APD death squad ocw.jpg
Then yesterday Lalo used a Cop Block photo of excessively armed government agents prepared to turn their weapons on U.S. citizens for this:

Anaheimistan Lalo Cop Block OCW.jpg

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