More Protests Planned for Weekend in Response to Anaheim Police Shootings and Riots

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In the wake of the two officer-involved shootings last weekend and subsequent protests turning into civil unrest, multiple protests are planned for this coming weekend.

On Saturday, two different groups are planning protests in front of Disneyland

On Sunday, the regular peaceful protest by families affected by officer-involved shootings will take place. In addition other groups such as Occupy Los Angeles, Occupy Orange County, citizen vigilante group Anonymous and local Cop Watch groups plan on attending. 

A group calling themselves Somos Anaheim are planning a peaceful rally, calling on participants to wear all white and hold signs supporting neither side of the police brutality issue. The demonstrators plan to march from Anaheim City Hall to the Anaheim Police Department as a call for peace in the community that has seen protests heat up by vandalism, multiple fires and riot police shooting less lethal weapons at demonstrators and bystanders.   

Friends, family members and neighbors of Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo, who were both shot dead by police this weekend, will also be attending this weekend's protests. 

Zia Back, a resident of the Guinida neighborhood where Acevedo was killed, says she has talked to people in her neighborhood, as well as the residents on Anna Drive where Diaz was killed, and she says both neighborhoods want peace.  

"We don't want to see any violence from either side," she said. "There are families grieving. So we want a way to express ourselves peacefully. On the other hand, we don't want police blocking at us every turn."  

The family of Manuel Diaz called for peace at a press conference this week. Theresa Smith, who has been organizing weekly protests outside of the Anaheim Police Department for the past few years, also called on demonstrations to remain peaceful

Anaheim Police have stepped up patrols since Tuesday's night riot, which saw a over dozen windows of downtown businesses smashed, along with at least four fires in the city. 

The Orange County Register reported the department is taking a zero-tolerance approach for city code violations on private property, such as skating and loitering, in an effort to head off large groups from gathering. Mayor Tom Tait has told the media "the city will not tolerate violence."  

In other cities, solidarity actions are planned for Friday including actions in ChicagoHarlem, Oakland, Seattle, Portland and San Diego. 

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What time are the Disneyland protests tomorrow? Just so I know what time to not be there.


"WE are Anaheim, SOMOS Anaheim", stand in solidarity with the other group's desire to bring positive change to Anaheim and we believe that the time is now. The people joining us feel that the first step is to ask for peace from both sides as we advocate for this positive change. We feel most comfortable making our presence known on Sunday in a silent, peaceful manner, and wearing white. We ask those that interested in our pacifist method to join us.

20ftjesus topcommenter

 @SOMOS-Anaheim How do you plan on defeating gang-related problems (e.g. drug dealing, gun violence, etc)?


 @20ftjesus As calmly as possible. Responding to violence with violence only begets more violence. When you're out rioting, you're swept up in the moment of the riot. You're also screwing up people's lives who committed no crime other than having a store where you decided to hold a riot.


 @20ftjesus There is a great one-word solution to defeating the drug dealing problem.  "Legalization."


 @20ftjesus We will be strategizing after Sunday's Peace March, but until then, our focus is in organizing the event to give citizens a peaceful way of representing themselves and representing the community, regardless of their stance in the spectrum of opinions. But in no way misinterpret our peace and silence for apathy or a lack of opinion or solutions.

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