Anaheim Volunteers Clean Up After Last Night's Protest

Dave Lieberman
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As last night's violent protest in downtown Anaheim drew to a close, social media lit up with quickly made plans to meet at 6 a.m. in the parking lot of the Vons across the street from City Hall, in a shopping area that saw a Starbucks' windows shattered and a T-shirt store looted. When the sun came up on downtown Anaheim this morning, about two dozen people, some of whom had never met, unloaded brooms, dustpans, gloves and trash bags from cars.

As just about every media outlet in the Southland looked on, the group swept up broken glass from six of the seven businesses whose windows had been broken, picked up the toppled water dispenser, and carted away everything from cigarette butts to herbal tea bags. Surprisingly, there were few beer bottles, and only one of the stores seemed to have suffered any serious looting. Hockey skates littered the floor of the gear shop across the street from Anaheim ICE, a restaurant owner swept inside while the volunteers swept outside, a guard stood outside U.S. Bank and politely declined assistance, and city workers drove up with new disabled-parking signs.

There were people from both sides of the debate, pro-police and pro-protesters, but the prevailing sentiment was that everyone needed to pitch in to clean up the city. Most didn't attend the protest. Two hours later, the vast majority of the cleanup had been finished.

This is Anaheim. Not violence; not looting; neighbors meeting to clean up the city they live in.

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20ftjesus topcommenter

Bravo for writing a positive piece about Anaheim residents.  They're not all gang members and drug dealers -- just a few bad apples that are being properly disposed into the garbage can. 


Nice story. It's good to know that there are some individuals out there that still care about the city.


Maybe instead of sitting around drinking bad coffee and stuffing their jumbo-sized pieholes with donuts the cops who started and are the entire cause of all of this should be out there picking up trash?  After all, we pay them for something, though I'm not entirely sure what it is.  Something about arresting people from leaving grocery stores, tazing people who disrespect them, and shooting kids in the head.

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

 @20ftjesus Please keep this in mind next time someone accuses us of hackery.


 @MisterX the ignorance of that statement is astounding, to the multiple law enforcement agencies that put their lives on the line to fight the gangbangers/drug dealers/criminals that pervade our society especially in my city Anaheim, I say thank you for staying throughout the night to restore peace and protect the mom and pop businesses that were vandalized. MisterX you contribute to the filth and degradation of our society, don't be surprised when you find yourself surrounded by sh@t.

BillxT topcommenter

 @MizX  @MisterX

True, my impression is that there were mistakes made on both sides, and that neither side was entirely wrong either.



Some bad cops => All cops are bad

Some out of control protestors => All protestors are illegal commy instigators

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