Anaheim Police Prepare for Protests Today With Public Displays of Arsenal--UH OH...

Lalo Alcaraz
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Emails, tweets, and texts since Friday have been alerting me about how the Anaheim Police Department plan to confront the thousands of protestors expected to march today against police brutality and Anaheim City Council incompetence: with a armed force that looks ready to club heads, stampede, and heaven knows what else.

And, contrary to what you'd think, they're not afraid to show off their toys.

What we can confirm: a full exercise involving hundreds staged at the parking lot of Glover Stadium. A parade of police horses up Anaheim Boulevard in the middle of rush hour. Barricades. Escalated patrols. And that was just Friday.

Just another stroll on a Friday night

They're itching for a fight, so stay safe out there, kids.

Remember, there's two protests today, both starting officially at noon: a peace rally in front of Anaheim City Hall, and the regular Anaheim Cruzaders protest outside the police station. Both explicitly reject violence and vandalism, so keep that in mind.

As for the Weekly's coverage: Dave, Yasmin, Amber, Brandon, and myself will be on the scene. Instead of doing blog posts, follow us on the OC Weekly Twitter feed below.

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