[UPDATED: MORE INFO, SUSPECT GOT AWAY] THIRD Officer-Involved Shooting in Anaheim This Week Happened Earlier This Morning

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ORIGINAL POST, JULY 27, 7:51 A.M.: Reports are coming out of Anaheim this morning that there was a third officer-involved shooting early this morning. Police say that they responded to a burglary call, chased after one guy, but ended up shooting someone who they say tried to run them over.
The Weekly knows the identity of the victim, but is withholding his identity per the family's request at this moment. More details to come as they become available...

UPDATE, 9:23 A.M.:
The shooting happened at the Colony Park apartment homes, a relatively new development not far from rundown apartments. Residents tell the Weekly that the two suspects broke into a garage near the park area of that complex and tried to take off with a washer and another machine--just roll off with them. Police came in and asked one of them what's up; he took off running, only to get a big ol' bite from a K9 unit.

Colony Park in Anaheim

As for the shooting? Officers fired 19 times at the getaway truck, which got away. No report yet if he was hit.

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They're townhomes not "apartment homes" that are also nearby a school, renovated historic homes, local businesses, and a major redevelopment effort that includes Anaheim Brewery and Umami Burger.


It might be worthwhile to mention that the guy who was shot at by cop[s was trying to run over the police officer by using his vehicle as a weapon, but now that FACT just doesn't fit into the narrative Gustabo is trying to create.


The notion that this Placentian and his dimwit buddy could stroll into an area as hot as it is at the moment and jack a Kenmore just goes to show the cajones these dipshits possess.  Another parolee behind bars and another truck in the body shop.

20ftjesus topcommenter

"The Placentia man, who has not been publicly identified, was on parole for burglary, Dunn said."


If he was on parole then it's got to be one of Amber's friends.  ;)

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