[VIDEO:] Hanging Out with Plushies, Twister Girls and YouTube Creepers at VidCon 2012

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Among the sights from VidCon 2012 at the Anaheim Convention Center you'll see after the jump are: Wil Wheaton playing a board game; colorful people and plushies on the main convention floor (including those filling two long-ass lines for Charlie McDonnell); boys jousting; girls playing Twister; and what's left of that dancing Six Flags fool--now apparently a YouTube creeper.

Apologies that the Flip's batteries ran out before the winner was crowned in machinima.com's costume contest. But we know who won the coveted Golden Poo Award for best pet YouTube--and who dropped and broke the golden poo off the trophy stand.

The convention continues Saturday.

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Matthew T. Coker
Matthew T. Coker

Oh dear God, yes. I think I spotted two guys who might have been older than me. The gap between us and the next youngest people there as fans was about 15 years, not counting moms who dragged tweens to the thing. That would make me YouTube creeper No. 2.

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