Teemu Selanne Plans Return to Anaheim Ducks

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Vain loukkaantuminen tai vastaava muu takaisku estäisi Teemu Selänteen uran jatkon, kirjoittaa asiasta hyvin perillä oleva toimittaja . . . Oops, sorry, forgot to turn on the English translation to Veikkaaja magazine's very Finnish report about 41-year-old right wing Teemu Selänne planning to play for the Anaheim Ducks next season, his 20th in the NHL.

There is one "if," however.

If Selänne remains healthy between now and the opening of camp, he'll be back. He's already reportedly training in his native Finland for a return.

A skilled player and speed demon, Selänne was drafted 10th overall by the Winnipeg Jets way back in 1988, but he played that year through 1992 with the Finnish team Jokerit. He was then with Winnipeg through February 1996, when he was traded to the then-Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. Here Selänne would join Paul Kariya and Steve Rucchin to form one of the NHL's strongest triple lines.

Selänne was traded in March 2001 to San Jose, and he played two full seasons there before signing as a free agent with Colorado, where he was reunited with Kariya. Selänne would go on to play again with Jokerit and rehab his knee before re-signing with Anaheim in 2005. While putting up impressive numbers in his later years, it's also been a toss-up each season whether he will return for the next.

His NHL highlights include leading the league in goal-scoring three times, being named to the All-Star Team's first squad twice and winning the Stanley Cup with the Ducks in 2007. Representing Finland, he's the all-time points leader in men's Olympic ice hockey. Whether at the Games or World Championships, his teams always medal, although he has never been on a Finnish squad that won the gold.

By the way, here's a sample paragraph after hitting the Google tab to translate the Veikkaaja article from Finnish to English:

July 42 meeting Selanne has not yet been officially told the Jewish future in his career, no ice, but Veikkaaja according to the information related party already knows the answer.

It is yes.

Clear as Finnish mud soccer, no?

Weighing in on last season's Ducks--which won 34 games, lost 36, scored an anemic 80 points, finished fifth in the Pacific and did not qualify for the playoffs--the translation got it mostly right:

Last season was a catastrophically bad from Anaheim . . .

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Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

Here's Bing's attempt: "In July, 42 Ridge which has not yet officially said juuta and his jatkosta Veikkaajan jaata, but according to the information in the related party already knows the answer." And here's the actual translation: "Selänne, who will turn 42 in July, has not officially made up his mind about his career one way or the other, but Veikkaaja already knows the answer from parties close to the matter." Finnish is ridiculously hard to learn; the online translation sites all suck.

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