State Assembly Candidate Troy Edgar Goes to Wacko Racist CCIR Meeting

Troy Edgar didn't quite know what he was in for when he showed up at the California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR) meeting in Garden Grove last night. Perhaps the Republican 72nd Assembly District candidate was not aware that CCIR has been labeled an extremist hate group, led by venom-tongued zealot Barbara Coe and followed by such upstanding citizens such as the Neo-Nazis.

The xenophobic crowd shook their heads, whispering amongst themselves as the mayor of Los Alamitos rambled on about small business and job creation; with only a few mentions of fences, deportation and all things illegal alien.

¿Qué pasó? Isn't that what he was here for?

Alas, and perhaps to the disappointment of the gathering of extremist bigots, Edgar revealed his pragmatic and docile approach to the immigration issue. The young wide-eyed candidate stuck with the "secure our borders" rhetoric with no ideological rants and more importantly, without regurgitating vile hate speech! Where's the fiery anti-Mexican, anti-Muslim, anti-welfare-queen diatribe? 

For the love of Jesus Cristo, this crowd needs hate to keep themselves awake! 

Perhaps Edgar, who showed up over an hour late and way past the geriatric crowds' bedtime, needs to be caught up on what he missed during a panel discussion in his absence. 

The meeting started with Coe's expressed "devastation" over the Supreme Court ruling of Arizona SB 1070, a prayer for Attorney General Eric Holder to be held in contempt by Congress and of course, self-hating Mexican Lupe Moreno droning on about illegal alien welfare moms--then proceeding to invite everyone to a fiesta at Centennial Park in SanTana a.k.a. Anchor Baby Central

But the winner for best hate-monger of the night (other than Coe herself) was one Hawaiian shirt-wearing gabacho who riled up the haters proper before the moderate politician's grand entrance into the shabby, run-down meeting hall. 

Making the declaration that "we are being colonized," he said what you would expect from a proud Anglo-Saxon: it's about time everyone admits that there are certain racial groups that are better than others. Don't get him wrong, he is not that nasty r-word!

"I am not racist, but I just have prejudice toward other cultural groups," he proclaimed. 

But wait- did he just say that no predominantly black countries are industrialized because whites are genetically superior?  

But no, he does not hate blacks for that reason. 

"I am not against 90 percent of black people because they are black, it's because they voted for Barack Hussein Obama."

One particular anti-Latino gem from the non-racist racist came in the form of villifying Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's potential running mate.

"Marco Rubio is a traitor. He is not American, he is Hispanic American with an emphasis on Hispanic," he railed. 

Edgar clearly missed out on all the spewing hatred, which is probably why when he suggested the 14 million undocumented folk already in the U.S. be integrated, he looked taken aback as the crowd rolled their eyes and cringed.  

The subsequent Q&A session turned out to be a call for the candidate to be more controversial and aggressive in his approach (see: racist, bigoted, close-minded), but Edgar responded saying it was not his style - he'd rather work with political opponents to find common ground on the immigration issue.   

Obviously, the hate group was not the least bit amused by this fuckery. 

Welp, it doesn't look like Edgar will get a swooning endorsement from the CCIR for his campaign anytime soon. Especially when the group of right-wing hysterics find out he was (not surprisingly) a registered Democrat in the not-so-distant past!

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Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

If Gustavo is actually intelligent, we are waiting for him to prove it. His IQ is nowhere near mine, please. If Gustavo wants to hand out personal attacks, then he can also take the repercussions. If he wants to spew anti-American propaganda on here, then us true Americans have the right to call him out on his BS. 

Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

More threats of violence? Are you funded by these mexican drug cartels?  You don't need me to make YOU look like a Know Nothing--you are doing such a wonderful job of that yourself, mexican. It's okay, your kind gets no respect from us TRUE Americans. Trying to peddle your book on a comment thread--what a loser! You're people are too fucking "estupido" to know how to run a fucking country. Idiot. My kind will soon be gone? I don't think so. Darwin discusses the survival of the fittest. I am heathy, 6' 1" tall, 215 pounds. What do you weigh Gustavo, like 145? YOUR kind will soon be gone, you PIECE OF SHIT.


 FOAD, wretch. I insist.


Maybe this will help: On May 25, 2005 James Gilchrist spoke in Garden Grove, California to the California Coalition for Immigration Reform at the Garden Grove Women's Club. Hal Netkin, a Minuteman supporter, came to the event. Netkin's car was surrounded as he arrived at the location and demonstrators rocked the vehicle and banged on it. Garden Grove Police Lt. Mike Handfield said some of the 300 demonstrators were there "not to protest but to commit criminal acts" and "A small contingent of people that were troublemakers had backpacks filled with full cans of soda that they were throwing and also cans filled with marbles that they threw." Lt. Handfield said, ""We determined it was reasonable for him to move forward" through the crowd surrounding his car. Two people who were standing in front of Netkin's car fell down when he moved forward. Both went to the hospital. The police declared an illegal assembly. "It got out of control in terms of protesters getting violent," Lt. Handfield said. Jan Tucker, who accompanied state and local leaders of the League of United Latin American Citizens to the talk, stated that the crowd outside the building was peaceful. So much for all of those "peaceful" open-borders bean munchers.


Seek help, as it appears that you need it.


If you're a Mexican then what the f**k are you doing here? Moreno appears to be an American in every sense of the word. You appear to be just another border-jumping cucaracha... either that or an arrogant anchor-larvae. Please leave..... Tijuana is a mere 106 miles south of that filthy cholo-infested Santa Ana. Be sure not to run over any of those wretched mojados running northbound on I-5, eh? :-) Hasta la vista, culero. Oh, that's right... you are one of those anchor things, aren't you. Yet another reason to land mine the border.

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