Sherri Worth, Newport Beach Doctor, Loses Malpractice Lawsuit

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Root canal x-rays.
Ingrid Valdez consulted Newport Beach dentist Dr. Sherri Lee Worth in 2009 hoping Worth would change Valdez's "gummy smile," a fractured tooth and her discolored front teeth. Dr. Worth's website showed her work with celebrities like Motley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, American Idol singer Ace Young, and Kelly Carlson from Nip/Tuck, all of which earned Valdez's trust; she and her husband, Barry Cosgrove, paid Worth $45,000 for nearly two dozen crown and veneer placements.

The procedure aftermath resulted in a malpractice lawsuit, in which Orange County Superior Court Judge Geoffrey Glass ordered the Newport Beach dentist to pay $641,542 to Valdez for pain and suffering damages, general damages and economic loss due to Dr. Worth's wrecked dental work.

"This case is being used in dental schools and ethics classes on what not to do in dentistry," Cosgrove said.

Following the procedure, Valdez immediately experienced throbbing pain and extreme sensitivity in her mouth. She subsequently consulted five other dentists, all of whom found Worth's work substandard and in need of restoration; those dentists recommended further work to rectify Worth's wrongs, which meant eight root canals and two gum surgeries to fix the damage, said her husband.

When Worth was questioned about her work, she retained that Valdez suffered from temporary irritation from the cement used to place the permanent crowns, according to court documents. After examining the opposing claims, arbitrator Joseph Thielen found medical charts tampered and wrote that part of her testimony "defies believability," in reference to the defendant's claim that she could not be provide documents on Valdez's initial visit because she spilled diet coke on them. Theilen also wrote that Worth's other answers were evasive.

Worth is currently meddled in three other malpractice lawsuits, all of which, like Valdez, involve restorative dentistry.

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Gill Kanwar
Gill Kanwar

THE WHOLE TRUTH - Dr Sherri Worth is a GREAT Dentist. (This is written under RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH - not a LEGAL advice) Malpractice is defined as a breach in duty that a doctor has towards their patients resulting in a harm being done that is directly caused due to breach in such duty. If a medical mistake happens (or not), you have to integrate the experience, but for a while you lose your bearings. It is discombobulating. When this is followed by litigation, the effect can be paralyzing and the lawsuit is felt like an assault. Being sued, even with assurances that "it's nothing personal" and that my insurance would most likely cover any settlement, was in fact deeply personal. The experience was devastating. In these statements in a New York Times essay, physician Joan Savitsky talks about her own ordeal. She discusses how being sued affected not only her, but other patients as well. Similar ordeal happened in Fresno CA, the heart of central Valley of California. It involved a Fresno based Dentist. The difference here being none of the experts from either the defense or the plaintiff's side testified that dentist committed negligence. Yet, she is being forced to settle due to the fact that experience has been totally devastating to everyone around her -her Family, her friends and her own self esteem. In today's difficult economic times, with rising insurance costs and massive cuts to healthcare reimbursement rates affecting doctor's bottom line, these rising cost of damage awards and settlements in medical malpractice cases continues to take a heavy toll. The recession, moreover, has done nothing to hurt the thriving business of filing medical malpractice claims. Hidden clause in malpractice policies is forcing many doctors around the country to settle out of court with patients filing malpractice suits against them even though they are completely innocent of any wrongdoings. To save time and money, their insurance companies want the case to "just go away" but they fail to consider the negative impact such settlements have on doctors. According to "Rupp's Insurance and Risk Management Glossary" -- considered the insurance industry's authoritative standard -- "a settlement can affect the reputation and earning ability of the insured." An article in Medical Economics explained the impact of settlements in more detail. "The adverse effects can be significant. The settlement will be reported to the National Practitioner Data Bank, where the information will be accessible to hospitals as well as to any third party payers you contract with. Your status with these organizations could be affected and so could your future insurability with your present insurer or a different one. Your malpractice premiums could increase. ("Should you sign a 'consent to settle'?" by David Karp, Medical Economics, Oct. 20, 2006). This is the only reason dentist chose to go through a rigorous trial spanning over many weeks to "prove" their case. So you see the scary nexus right below. TDIC, ADA, CDA and ZINMAN are all closely connected. TDIC or The Dentist Insurance Company liability policies discounts and usually require CDA (California Dental Association) membership. CDA membership mandates to collect ADA (American Dental Association) membership dues - again mandatory. ADA members (dentist) are required to accept mandatory ADA code of ethics Violation of ADA Code of Ethics is ZINMAN's last and final bullet in malpractice lawsuit if he has nothing else in case and it usually works in his favor. Although we are not lawyers ( MD and DDS), after understanding Dr Zinman legal tactics and methodology, we are confident will be offering medical expert services to all doctors and dentists whom Dr Zinman would sue or attempt to sue in future. We can be defense experts for those who are ethically and morally correct. We believe in STANDARD OF CARE and abide by laws of state of California. CONTACT US during Pre-Lawsuit Discovery Period to best assist you. DOCTORS contact risk management services immediately when you receive LETTER OF INTENT to initiate litigation from Mr ZINMAN. You have 90 days window to do pre-suit discovery under current law but Mr ZINMAN may not give you 90 days ( as in our case). BOTTOM LINE: Sherrie worth DDS is great doctor. Call Toll Free at 1-866-500-5729 for any questions or comments on the above review


This is so wrong that this guy Cosgrove would try to bash Dr. worth. I read some of the documents and the Sam thing happened to her when the next dentist did her teeth. That dentist , Eggleston made over $150,000 to go against Dr. Worth--are you kidding me! I should quit my job and become a hired hire for this Cosgrove. Sounds like he has spent more time and money trying to go after a successful celebrity just to attack. From what I have read she only has some red gums and even worse when the next group did her teeth. Seems like the husband was trying to transform the wife with a makeover from head to toe. These guys are amazing that they would do this, they are jealous of her and her success.

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