Sheriff's Department Preventing Zombie Apocalypse, One Drug Bust at a Time

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There may be fewer zombies on the streets of San Clemente, thanks to a drug bust this week by the Sheriff's Department.

Eiad Diab, a 38-year-old San Clemente resident, was arrested Tuesday after South Narcotics and the Special Investigations Bureau seized 106 grams of "bath salts" and 2.6 pounds of "spice" in the 600 block of Calle Canasta, and at his Tobacco and Accessories shop.

Bath salts are synthetic stimulants that law enforcement agencies say are increasingly popular on the streets.

The Miami Police Department suspect the drug caused a man who ate 75 percent of another man's face. Good times! They say the drug gives people super-human strength and can turn them into the walking dead as their organs burn and they become wildly violent. 

Spice is a synthetic cannabinoid.

Diab was booked into Orange County Jail for the unlawful sale of synthetic stimulants and the unlawful sales of synthetic cannabinoid substances. Each are misdemeanors.

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That shits no good. My buddy is an addict and got hooked on that shit real quik. Buyin that shit at a smoke shop in lake forest. Now he is in jail. No good


I've found every addict to be zombified to one extent or another. In the low side you have functional zombies while on the high side you have full on eat-your-face-off-after-taking-a-bullet zombies.

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