[UPDATED with time] Scientology Maybe, Just Maybe Will Debut Orange County Ideal Org on Saturday

An ideal setting for a protest
[UPDATED, June 1, 1:45 p.m.] Just confirmed with the Santa Ana Police Department that the event is from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

[ORIGINAL POST June 1, 12:16 p.m.] So we have confirmation (again) that Scientology will (again) open its Orange County Ideal Org at the former Santa Ana Performing Arts and Event Center in downtown Santa Ana (again) on Saturday.

The Santa Ana Police Department says there is "an event" scheduled at the location, possibly all day, so watch out for street closures and possible protesters dressed in Barney suits.

I went to Ocideal.org to check the deets, but it appears that the domain expired on May 25 and is pending renewal or deletion.

Go Daddy, anyone?

Meanwhile, those wacky folks at Whyweprotest.net plan on partying with Xenu.

The building is located at 505 N. Sycamore Street

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Another pretty building that no one will visit.


For a while, I thought this was going to be like the Stupid Powerz building, and take 14+ years to complete. Dupes from far and wide will be lining up to spend their life savings and their children's college educations on learning about Xenu the evil galactic overlord.

Hey, it's free on the web people. This organization is an insidious scam. Buy a magic crystal or something -- it's cheaper. 


Oh, lay off the poor guys. They probably still haven't got their metric ass ton of central files qual'd and chrono'd or whatever it is they do with them.


It took some time for the "Squirrel Busters" to rehearse a rousing rendition of "We Stand Tall"that met the approval of David Miscavige.and no one could word clear the lyrics in sufficient time.

The Jive Aces put a hold on Entertaining at the OC festivities, because of the deluge of fresh teen groupies clamoring to get a piece of the middle aged thetans-and prevented thier travel arrangements,After their successful Britain's Got Talent TV appearances.

They Ran into trouble booking a private Massuse for John Travolta.and could not convince a single Volunteer Minister to give him a touch assist.

They were having trouble getting their latest recruits,Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islamremoved off the guest list. 

Anyone who could possibly attend was in the RPF scrubbing toilets with a toothbrushor was put to work on a special project making taller shoe lifts for Tom Cruise


They put it off now how many times, four, five? I can't believe this place is more than an empty hull. 


Scientology is a science fiction novel by a sick man that some people took seriously and became deceived by imo. Skip it. Moving along.


we are anonymous, we dont forgive we do not forget, expect us, we are bringing horns and EVERYONE will hear us while the dwarf is speaking muhahahaha

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