Scientologists Are Shining Examples of Cesar Chavez's Ideals, According (Scientology Says) to Garden Grove Mayor William Dalton

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Not protesting Cesar Chavez
Let's play word association: Cesar Chavez. If you said "Scientology" win!

Among the civic leaders at last weekend's grand opening of the church's Ideal Org in downtown Santa Ana, was Garden Grove Mayor William Dalton, who compared (according to a church news release) the work of Scientologists to the late civil rights champion and labor leader when he said (according to the news release):

"One of our greatest champions of education in California and the nation, Cesar Chavez, once said, 'The end of all education should surely be service to others.' You are all fantastic examples of Cesar Chavez's ideals in action. Because you all put what you have learned, and what you know, right back into the community."

Indeed. As protesters outside the grand opening told stories of financial ruin, spy games, cross-country harassment and shattered families -- all allegedly at the hands of Scientology -- I couldn't help but think, "You know, that kinda reminds me of Cesar Chavez."

But Dalton wasn't the only politico to praise the church. Anaheim Councilwoman Lorri Galloway said (according to the news release) that it is wonderful that the church is making its home in the iconic building formerly known as the Santa Ana Performing Arts and Event Center.

"It is a perfect partnership," she said. "Reaching out to the community is a trademark of yours."

Of course, one of the ways the church has already reached out to the community is to proclaim that it has forged an anti-drug abuse outreach partnership with the Santa Ana Police Department. The department says no such partnership exists.

Not that I don't trust Scientology, but since I was booted from the event and subsequently followed by their, uh, ushers, I have left messages for Dalton and Galloway, seeking to confirm their quotes, and add context. Come back for possible updates...

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The murders, by the way, are government approved, just like those of the Jews, in World War II.

Do not believe that they are using just one method, either.  They might fake car accidents, slip and fall and break your neck type accidents etc. etc.

Many drive black vehicles with yellow license plates.  The plates dictate what crime they are involved in.  For example, P, I believe is porn.  S, is for Scientology.  H, is for hate campaigns.  M, is for murder. G, I believe is for Gilgo, referring to the multiple murder of prostitutes. J, is for Jones beach, for the murder of prostitutes in the Jones Beach area.  F, is for fraud, whereby, the criminals engage in credit card fraud, 

loan fraud, life insurance fraud etc.  This is done either before or after they commit the murders.  They may even do it both before and after, they commit the murders.


My name is Catherine Tatlock and I live at 742 to 748 Deer Park Avenue, in North Babylon, Long Island.

Here, a huge Roman Catholic crime gang, FBI members and emergency psychiatrists and regular police are bringing (or are allowing to be brought) Scientologists to kill them.

After spending years pretending to be Scientologists, within the churches, around the world, these criminals are lying to Scientologists and bringing them to my building, and surrounding buildings and around North Babylon, New York,under false pretense and then proceeding to kill them.  They are also stealing church assets and intending to steal further church assets.

These same criminals, engaged in regular kidnappings, of both Scientologists and other members who belong to religious minorities.

These same criminals have spent years running a hate campaign, against Scientology, as they did not want the people of the world to cotton onto the fact that Scientology can offer enormous levels of freedom and great benefits.  This is in fact how the United States government is spending the tax payers money, employing this Roman Catholic crime gang to run hate campaigns, murder people, kidnap and torture etc.

After much research, I have reasons to believe that these criminals are also the ones who are responsible for the Gilgo Beach and Jones Beach murders.  They are also using using explosives to bomb a variety of locations.

This, ladies and gentlemen of The United States, is your government.

Instead, they prefer to torture, maim and murder and create repeated lies about the wonderful benefits to be had.

The criminals chose North Babylon to misguide Roman Catholics into believing that the prophecies of the Bible are correct.

Contact Catherine for further information.

Also, if I die, it means that everything that I said here is confirmed by my death.

Their intentions are to kill everyone who is not following the Roman Catholic church.

If you are a Scientologist, looking for the truth, look within the church for Roman Catholics, look for those who man the communication channels for the church as they are the ones who are stopping the truth from getting to you.

I do not suggest coming to the building, but instead, look within.

Known criminals that have entered the churches include:  A Russian lady, and a very petite lady, by the name of Mary or Marie, or something similar, who is pretending to be a C.S.  They are at the Long Island, New York church or mission.

Sydney, Australia, a middle aged lady, who when you ask if she is a Scientologist, she is very evasive and goes on a spiel saying that you do not have to be a Scientologist and that it is open for all religions etc. etc. she is/was manning the phones.

Ruby, in Perth Western Australia.  When asked, why she would intend to do bad things, to Scientologists, she hung up on me.

Malcolm McClintock, in New Zealand, Auckland.

Pat Malloy, in the Adelaide Church is also a suspect, as when I called him to let him know that Scientologists were being brought to my building to be kidnapped and murdered, he responded in a very relaxed way but that is not a normal response.

A man by the name of Gary who is supposed to work for the IAS and who was in Sydney, Australia, over the last three to four months and who might still be there.

Speak only to those that you trust implicitly as I am not familiar with the level of infiltration and it is very important that you come together as a team to fight against the murders and the murderers.



I look at your face and i see mean face lady who we where selling the books.   You should be nicer and Source is even a College, a real Education.  


  Yes, Cesar Chavez and Scientology both know about paying low wages for long hours of manual labor.

Ivy Mapother
Ivy Mapother

It looks like you've found your true calling. If you put in the 100 to 120 hours per week, you'll be the upstat poster child for the Church of Scientology. David Miscavige, the leader of Scientology, put in the hours, never graduated from high school and look where he is today. But I think he might be sad deep down because he hasn't seen his wife Shelly for many years. She's not really missing because technically, someone needs to be looking for you in order to be missing and no one seems to be looking for her. Any way, the next time you're at the local Org, ask around if anyone's seen Shelly Miscavige.


I sold Dianetics books to people. My brother did too. Sometimes they don’t smile at you but that’s okay because they just don’t know what I am trying to give them. Some of them say no thanks. One time I saw a woman and she walked past me 7 times with a mean face and then the next time she said “hi” and then the next time she said, “what is that?” in a mean voice and then she said “okay, I’ll buy one.”  And one time a woman came back to show her husband my little brother because he was so nice and smart and had sold her the book.

Ivy Mapother
Ivy Mapother

Keep up the good work. If you really want to save the planet, join the Sea Org today and bring your brother along too. If you're selfishly saving for college, turn that money over to the church. The Sea Org will give you the only education you'll need. It might take the full billion years, but isn't a clear planet full of happy people worth it? You might want to mention to your mom about taking out a second mortgage on the house. A $117,000.00 might sound like a lot but the church needs more. 

Gavino Idda
Gavino Idda

 Golly Gee Beaver,...Don't Let Wally find out you sold his comic book collection to buy a nudie Mag from Eddie Haskell

Gavino Idda
Gavino Idda



RADIO SHOW: NARCONON PATIENTS CRITICIZE NARCONON OPERATIONS! NARCONON 'LIES' IN THEIR FIGHT TO OPEN A REHAB IN LEONA VALLEYThis same rehab operator has tried to open in Leona Valley-Los Angeles County.  Read how Leona Valley residents exposed the lies by Narconan as presented to the L.A. County Board of Supervisors.  Narconon is blasted for their lies, mis-representations, etc. NARCONON THROWN OUT OF ALL CALIFORNIA SCHOOLS!  While the city of Newport DOUBLED Narconon's occupancy from 27 to 49 in 2005, Calif. State Superintendent of Public Instructions throws them out of k-12 schools.  State Supt. O'Connell notified all district and county superintendents that Narconon education's program "... is often inconsistent with research-based practice" and "...does not reflect accurate, widely-accepted medical and scientific evidence."See Supt. O'Connell's letter: Read full report: CALIFORNIA MEDICAL ASSOCIATION has declared unanimous support for school districts that have dropped Narconon and other "factually inaccurate approaches" to antidrug instruction from their classrooms, and urged the American Medical Association to do the same! NARCONON & SCIENTOLOGY- The rehab is based on the teaching/writing of L. Ron Hubbard and run by Scientology. Watch this news broadcast regarding the direct link between Narconon and Scientology:  VIdeo 1:  Video 2: SCIENTOLOGY HARASSES THEIR CRITICS - ABC NEWS reports how Scientologists target and harass their critics.  Little wonder, Dr. Orozco received a death threat in 2004.  And she has received several written threats of legal action by Narconon attorneys if she continues to exercise her legal right to speak out against Narconon and other rehab operators.  ABC News verified Scientologists attack their critics.  See a short but disturbing video from ABC News: FORMER US SURGEON GENERAL WARNS AGAINST NARCONON - "My recommendation about detoxification is to keep away from it.  It's dangerous.  I don't think L. Ron Hubbard has credibility in the scientific world.  The author's suggestions about detoxification can be detrimental to your health."              -C. Everett Koop, M.D.  Former US Surgeon GeneralFOCUS ON NEWPORT'S NARCONON- what kind of a neighbor IS Narconon?  Read for yourself, their threats, violations & activities.       NARCONON - Narconon is an international organization with critics all over the world.  Read more about the fight against this very questionable organization at two popular websites:                             STOP NARCONON        NARCONON EXPOSED


I have learned a lot about why Scientology is so good. I know it helps people.  I told my grandma this. She got very excited and asked my mom and dad to help my aunt by getting her to do some courses.  I know my little brother likes Scientology too because he gets so excited when he’s around Scientologists. He loves my mom’s certificate too. A while ago, my mom wrote a commendation report on me for being so upstat and I said thank you but I really wanted to do it anyway. I don’t like to think about all the sad people out on the whole planet. My mom says there are a lot of sad people and we need to help them. She also said that sometimes people don’t think any one else will really help them anymore because some bad people did not really help them before. But she says to just keep standing there and smiling and helping anyway. I think she is very smart because I know if someone kept staying there and smiling and helping that I would listen. They are very nice to me all the time and I see them being nice to a lot of other people too. I want to help them too. They told me that if we can get a big nice building in Pasadena than we can have everyone in Pasadena in Scientology in 5 years. I wish it were faster for the sad people but I think 5 years is better than later. My family has donated over $117,000.00 to Pasadena org.  I gave most of my job money and so did my brother. My brother and I really want a really big nice building in Pasadena because there are a lot of people who don’t know about Scientology there. We have sold a lot of our toys and some cards that we have been collecting and we did lemonade stand on a weekend to get more money for Pasadena. We also bring a lot of people to the fundraisers so they can help and feel good too.

Marc Abian
Marc Abian

Josh, the other irony is that the mayor made that statement at the at a celebration of a building renovation project based largely on the labor of Sea Org members - you know, those folks that earn about $50.00 a week and work around the clock.  Cesar Chavez would actually be horrified. 

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