Meet The Irvine Open House Thief Who Wanted a Realtor's Purse

open house thief.jpg
What kind of a person would attend the June 2010 open house for an Irvine residence up for sale to steal the Realtor's purse containing cash, credit cards, gift cards and a winning lottery ticket?

Meet certifiable douchebag Rodney Lepere Little.

Little, who used a female accomplice to distract Janice Konkol's attention with fake interest in the home, isn't happy that an Orange County jury convicted him of burglary charges and Superior Court Judge Lance Jensen sent him to prison.

He claims that police had no probable cause to stop his fleeing vehicle, that his defense lawyer sucked and his prosecutor cheated by introducing evidence of prior crimes.

This month, a California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana gave Little, 49, his answers: no, nope and nice try.

Upshot: Little, who rushed from the open house to a Target to use the victim's credit card, will remain a resident of California State Prison--Solano at Vacaville while he serves a term of 21 years and four months, according to appellate court records.

Rodney Lepere Little thief oc 3.jpg
Prior to his open house stunt, he'd been convicted of five prior felonies.

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Subject of the article is a chronic felon (grand total of five). If you do not analyze all the information, it does seem "steep", and, is heavier punishment than someone else got for murder. Any system can have problems. This man's sentence does not indicate one.

Jack Grimshaw
Jack Grimshaw

Lucky for Mr Douchebag that he's just a minor-leaguer who pulled a douchey, minor-league stunt in Irvine. If he'd had the cojones for the action, he could have been one of the two bros shot to death while trying to rob a Capistrano Beach jewelry store. Now THERE's a punishment we can get behind ... live by the gun, die by the bullet!

Retired-USAF Enlisted
Retired-USAF Enlisted

Yeah, 21 years is a bit steep, but then again he had 5 other ones, so I don't feel too sad for him as he seems like a chronic criminal and the reality is that he may just keep elevating to bigger and more dangerous crimes. So, hopefully when he gets out, he'll be too old to rob anyone else.


You know what SUCKS? He's getting 21 years, and Chris McAmis who killed a girl gets 12 3/4 years (with good behavior) What a system we have right?


Damn!! Looks like he would need to use Spray On Chap Stick!! Dyno-Mite!!!

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