Rodney Alcala Hits the Big Apple

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Rodney Alcala, of serial killer and The Dating Game fame, is no longer Orange County's or California's problem.

At least not temporarily, as U.S. Marshals today plucked him from the corner of the state's Death Row he darkens to board a plane for New York, where the now-68-year-old is to make a command performance in the court for two more murders of young women in the 1970s.

Two years ago, Alcala was convicted in Orange County Superior Court of killing four Southern California women and 12-year-old Robin Samsoe of Huntington Beach in the '70s. The former photographer had bounced between California and New York back then.

OC Weekly's Rodney Alcala archives

After the guilty verdicts were read here, Alcala was indicted in Manhattan for the strangling deaths of a flight attendant and a former Hollywood nightclub owner's daughter.

Alcala, whose prison lawyering and filing of endless reams of legal papers is the stuff of sick legend, fought to no avail to stop his extradition to New York. Whatever his fate is there, he will likely return to California's Death Row because we have the death penalty while New York does not.

Naturally, Alcala is also appealing his latest guilty verdict in California.

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Froot Cayke
Froot Cayke

"..At least not temporarily" (at least NOT????) whaaaat???  ........" PLUCKED him from the corner of the state's Death Row HE DARKENS"  like Richard Ramirez is a real sweatheart and Scott Peterson is an angel?  ....." to make a COMMAND PERFORMANCE"??????  (really now) ...and (get this) "The former photographer had BOUNCED between California and New York back then."  ...he took two plane trips  (BOUNCED lol) out of journalism majors to write the news or is it a slow news day OC WEEKLY??? lmao!!! You need writers down there or is Matt having a bad case of writer's block?  Crimoney.


I really don't see the point of this since he's on death row but ok.  If New York wants to take on the expense then go for it.  I heard somewhere Matt Murphy is going to assist the case in New York on his own dime.   I really think all of this is really just indulging Rodney Alcala's ego and giving him what he wants in the end.  It's kind of like he's getting the last laugh.  I'm sure he'll enjoy his flight and time out of his cell.   Actually, I think it's all about the prosecutors and the defendant getting attention from the case.  The guy's on death row and not going anywhere, why not just leave him there?  Maybe it's just me that sees it this way.

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