Octomon Stripping Gig Now a No-Go

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The on-again, off-again Octomom stripping gig is off again. Puns intended.

Nadya Suleman reportedly won't take her top off at T's Lounge in West Palm Beach, Fla. next month, because employees at the club were talking crap about her. TMZ first reported that Suleman cancelled the appearance because a bartender told a local TV station that it was only a matter of time for her to bare all, seeing as how she has a lot of mouths to feed.

He reportedly also said Suleman must be "a little crazy, normal people don't have that many children."

Oh, and a club manager reportedly hinted that Octomom, given enough money, might give naked lap dances.

That's crossing the line, buddy!

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done done done and SO over
done done done and SO over

This sleazy  ploy to divert attention away from her foreclosure apparently is working. Today is the day it's supposed to happen. But there is no reporting on that. Why not? What are the chances that she did to the Florida club what she's done to her managers before. Demand a lot more money after the contractual fact and publicised agreement?    What makes you think the Florida bunch didn't balk at her demands made the day after that so ineptly photo-shopped porn publicity still was "leaked". It's an obvious composite of several photos and some of the body parts don't even look like hers. Like her legs, for sure. Watch and see if  VaGinna is now going to spin the reason as her "finding God". This going to church stuff just reeks . Not like Whittier Christian School might not be asking why their students have breeding units -- there is just no way I can refer to that as  a mother--that present their children with having to witness a parent doing that kind of porn. I can just imagine what her own parents must be feeling. But then they could have had her committed a long time ago and done so much better by their 14 grandkids that way. Natalie Doud Gutierrez is the Baskin Robbins of Bulzhit.  But her motto is "Why stop at 31?" And that is the bottom line reason she is never going to even make a dent.  Her credibility is completely odds with her actions, She has always made the very deliberate decision to lie with every single claim she makes being completely disproved by the way too obvious reality of what she is doing. So why would she expect the people she has lied to, that being just about everyone on the planet, to have any sympathetic consideration for the situations her relentlessly horrendous judgement puts her into. At best the most she can expect is a shrug and being blown off with people telling her its her own problem. at worst, well, it's the next thing she decides to further damage herself by doing. She keeps nattering on about haters. So, dearie, just where are all the likers? Has anyone even ever met one she isn't writing a check to for services provided? You think you'll find a gated community full of them somewhere? Unless it's one where all the residents are wearing orange jumpsuits.


Wait a minute. I thought we paying her NOT to take her clothes off.

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