Octomom Nadya Suleman's Porn Is Out Today; Eight Other Pornos She Can Star In (NSFW)

Octomomma swimsuit water 8.jpg
It's the day we've all been waiting for: Octomom's debut into the video pornography world arrived today. The self-service porno is titled Home Alone and you can expect an incredibly professional review of the bean-flicking flick from us shortly.

Nadya once swore she would never do a porn and turned down $500,000 (twice) from Vivid Entertainment for the opportunity. Many diapers later, she's found herself in financial trouble and agreed to masturbate for the masses for $10,000.

It's a slippery slope for the mother of 14 and this could be the first of many adventures into the x-rated world. We've put brainstormed the names of eight pornos Octo might star in just to help her and porn distrubutors get the juices flowing on her next movie.
8. Eight Not Is Enough

It'll be like that, only he uses his penis.

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