Disney Overkill? OC Register Has 90 Journalists Contributing To Today's 'Disney News Mob'

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Stop the presses! Nah, forget that. Stop all other news coverage whatsoever! This just in: Disneyland is . . . still Disneyland! And the Orange County Register is really, really excited about it! 

So excited that the newspaper has 90 journalists reporting stories, snapping photos and hashtagging tweets for today's Disney News Mob. It's all Disney, all day over at Reg Land. "We launched a new web page, plus every section in print has a huge Disney package on the cover," project editor Keith Sharon tells JimRomenesko.com.

Wanna know what the weather is like at the Anaheim theme park? Or see a slideshow titled "Which Disney character do you love most?" It's your lucky day. 

The Disney overload coincides with the opening of Disneyland's Cars Land (which looks really fun--can we have the rest of the day off, boss?). The paper launched a similar takeover, an Angels News Mob, on the Angels' opening day back in April. 

Yep, this should guarantee several more years of full-page Disney ads in the Register. Perhaps the Weekly should follow suit. We can have Moxley do an investigative piece on how many people lose their lunch on the Teacups.  

OC Register zombies strike.jpg
OC Register journalists arrive to service Disneyland, again
Let's hope no major news breaks today. Mickey would be so annoyed.  

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