Little Saigon Loses 57 Pounds of Cocaine

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Coke diet
A federal grand jury in Southern California has indicted two men for their alleged cocaine distribution network between Little Saigon in Orange County and the Panorama City in the San Fernando Valley.

According to the indictment, Tung Le and Everardo Mendoza conspired in May 2011 to transport a box containing 57.2 pounds of cocaine from LA to Little Saigon to satisfy drug orders throughout the region.

The indictment also names Nghiem Chinh Khac Tran as a co-conspirator in the illegal narcotics operation.

Le was born in 1966. Mendoza was born in 1983.

There is no indication in federal court files that either man is in custody. Records also fail to identity of the law enforcement agency that conducted the investigation. The case, which is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Amanda Liskamm, will be handled inside the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana.

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mitch young
mitch young

" Chinh Khac " Say it out loud. LOL.


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