Jordy Roman Martinez, Andrew Gomez Sanchez and Juan Carlos Covarrubias Face Attempted Murder of Cop Counts in Shooting

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Juan Carlos Covarrubias
Three alleged, 19-year-old gang members are facing attempted murder of a police officer counts from Friday's early morning shooting up of an occupied Anaheim Police car. Juan Carlos Covarrubias, Jordy Roman Martinez and Andrew Gomez Sanchez each face sentences of 45 years to life in state prison with convictions. The trio is accused of being in a car that blocked an unmarked Anaheim Police unit at Palm Street and Boysen Avenue around 3:30 a.m. Friday before one of them jumped out and fired repeated rounds into the police vehicle.

Two officers inside the vehicle were in their full uniforms, according to a statement from the Orange County District Attorney's office, which reports the cops tried to find safety by turning their unit around, switching on their emergency lights and driving away.

Andrew Gomez Sanchez
But they were chased by the car that had blocked them, and more rounds were fired at them.

Two bullets lodged on the front passenger side of the officer's vehicle, but neither cop was hurt, according to prosecutors, who add they never returned fire.

Other police units arrived, and the pursuing vehicle crashed at Midway and Anaheim Boulevard before the occupants scattered on foot.

Martinez and Covarrubias were arrested after a short chase, during which they are accused of ditching two pistols.

Jordy Roman Martinez
Sanchez was arrested about an hour later within a perimeter Anaheim Police had set up.

Charges pending against each Anaheim 19-year-old are: two felony counts of attempted murder on a peace officer; one felony count of shooting at an occupied motor vehicle; one felony count of street terrorism, with sentencing enhancements for the vicarious discharge of a firearm by a gang member and criminal street gang activity.

Held in lieu of $1 million bail each, the teen are scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday in Santa Ana.

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This report forgot to mention the fact that police went up to these young men and started shouting out a rival gang name to threaten and provoke them. Posing as gang members behind their unmarked vehicle with tinted windows


It's important to Jerry Brown that law abiding citizens not be able to carry and that only LE and criminals do.

If you could magically suck every gun off the planet, the criminals would still MAKE THEM.

This inability of law abiding citizens to defend themselves in public from armed criminals is pure insanity forced upon us all by the same politicians destroying the very states they were elected to manage.


What are you talking about?  This was criminals vs cops - no law abiding citizens were mentioned.  Having a gun does not answer the problem. 


What I'm talking about is this going on around us with our only legal option to fall down and "play possom" (e.g. play dead) or try to fist fight an armed criminal when confronted by such in public.

Having a gun certainly DOES answer the problem. You are obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed. Do you take drugs? Are you on drugs now?

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