Jenna Jameson Takes to Social Networks to Apologize for DUI; Gal Pal Slams Tito Ortiz

Jenna Jameson has apologized via Twitter and Facebook for her early morning May 25 driving-under-the-influence crash and arrest in Westminster.

In other Club Jenna news, a friend Jameson and Tito Ortiz tried to get a restraining order against claims the former porn star's on-again, off-again Bad Boyfriend of Huntington Beach orchestrated the court drama behind Jameson's carpet-burned back.

Here are the Facebook and Twitter messages from Jameson on Sunday:

If those are too difficult to read . . .

On May 25th I made one of the most terrible mistakes of my life, I want to apologize to everyone. I am focusing on being a mother to my twin boys and I appreciate all of my friends and family who have stood by me.

Jenna Jameson's booking photo
Her e-mea culpas are for plowing her Range Rover into a light pole at Springdale Street and Westminster Boulevard after a night of boozing. Witnesses and paramedics at the scene heard her repeatedly identify herself as Jenna Jameson and say, "I just want to go home" in between sobs.

She suffered minor injuries but refused treatment. After taking a field sobriety test, Jameson was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, booked into the city jail and later released.

Jenna Jameson Arrested for DUI Crash as Patrols Heightened for Boozy Ex-Porn Stars

The skid marks were still sticky when Ortiz and Jameson sought an emergency restraining order in Orange County Superior Court against Shana Burroughs.

Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz Unsuccessfully Seek Restraining Order Against Former Gal Pal

The couple had reportedly characterized Burroughs as a drug taker and enabler who stalks them and scares their twin boys.

But speaking with TMZ, Burroughs claims:

Thumbnail image for Tito-Ortiz-lookin-pissed.jpg
Tito Ortiz: the problem?
1) she has been tight with Jameson since before Ortiz even met the Vivid Entertainment icon;

2) Ortiz went behind Jameson's back to file for a TRO;

3) The MMA fighter, whose final fight looms, is trying to sabotage her friendship with Jameson.

Burroughs reportedly claims her problems with Ortiz date back to 2010, when she refused to go public with Jameson's drug problems.

Pity the poor OC judge scheduled to sort this out June 15.

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