Immigration Makes Us Safer, Richer and Better Able to Breathe: UCI Study

Well here's a timely UC Irvine study in light of today's Weekly cover package:

The Southern California Regional Progress Report to be released next week shows the large influx of Asian and Latino immigrants into Southern California in the past 50 years has led to less crime, lower joblessness and more stable property values.

It's like the Bizarro World view of Arizona's SB 1070 framers and the California Coalition for Immigration Reform!

Today's Weekly "Freedom Under Fire" special report consists of:

• "Bordering On Revolution": A hostile Supreme Court. A feckless Obama administration. America's war on Mexicans has gone too far, says Village Voice Media executive editor Michael Lacey.

• "Arizona Senate Bill 1070's Days of Rage": The U.S. Supreme Court and President Barack Obama leave the undocumented and their allies no choice but to escalate civil disobedience. Stephen Lemons reports.

• "Mexican Food Defeated America. Now, Mexicans in America Will Defeat SB 1070": A cycle of justice that must be remembered, according to Gustavo Arellano.

• "Welcome Back, Jim Crow": New laws in dozens of states could take out Barack Obama this fall. By Chuck Strouse.

• "Crossing the Line" Village Voice Media sister sites provide provocative immigration imagery.

Five faculty members, 10 graduate students and six undergraduates in UCI's School of Social Ecology crunched data covering five counties--Orange, Riverside, Ventura, Los Angeles and San Bernardino--from more than a dozen sources, including the FBI, U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The early release come courtesy not of the university but the Orange County Register, whose online news report resembles a research paper. Among the findings sure to produce reactions of "I told you so" or "You're going to believe that liberal institution of higher PC learning and its flaming Pravda butt trumpet":

  • The growing immigrant population in Southern California communities has contributed to increases in property values.

  • Ditto for crime rates dropping.

  • And air quality improving over the past three decades.

  • Neighborhoods with 10 percent more Latinos than surrounding areas at the beginning of the 2000s experienced a 1.3 percent greater increase in home values over the decade.

  • Ethnically mixed SoCal neighborhoods today are more likely to have higher property values than homogenous neighborhoods, reversing a trend from earlier decades.
And so on. It's as if they took the Barbara Coe Playbook and wrote the complete opposite. Buy a study for all your amigos, amigo! 

The university says the study is aimed at sparking "evidence-based" discussion and future planning. It should certainly achieve the former.

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Armando Cedillo
Armando Cedillo

Who really cares? As long as Obama maintains his current rate of repatriating excess foreign nationals the rapacious demands of these tiresome "noble savages" will soon go the way of the chupacabra. 


 Funny Mitch...made me smile.


 Over the LINE Arellano...but then, you seem to always fall off the edge of reason when it comes to a comment that does not agree with your agenda. I'm thinking a trip to your local M.D. for some "calm down" meds might help your blood pressure AND decrease your instant attack mode. Please feel free to check with the local AMA to find the appropriate doctor for your particular issues.


Post hoc, ergo promptor hoc is a logical fallacy.

mitch young
mitch young

Good points. And don't forget 'adding to the economy' really doesn't mean much. If we imported the entire population of Bangladesh, and they were exactly as productive as they are in their home country, we would 'add to the economy'. However, the standard of living and the GDP per capita would go down.

Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

WTF??? Immigrants have improved our air quality?  This is such a ridiculous compilation of contrived stats. Any editor should know better than to publish such lies. Your audience is not just limited to naive liberals.

mitch young
mitch young

Yup, yet another 'benefit' Mexican immigration has brought us -- a 150 decibel two stroke motor going off somewhere within 200 yards, like, every other hour. Isn't there a word for 'rake' in Mexican.  [Yes, yes there is. Rastrillo is both rake and razor (as in not a straight-edge razor]

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