Earth To Neal Kelley, Orange County's Registrar of Voters; Come in, Kelley . . .

Neal Kelley snoozer orange county.jpg
Can somebody please wake up Mr. Kelley?
Three hours after the election polls closed, Orange County's Registrar of Voters managed to report .8 percent of today's vote to the public in the agency's online service.

Point eight.

Not even 1 percent.

How weak is Neal Kelley's operation?

His taxpayer-funded website has a "next update" feature designed to alert citizens when new voting information is available, but that feature has not been used even once since the polls closed three hours ago.

So far, Kelley's website claims that the agency has managed to tally only 12,778 votes from 352 of the county's 1976 precincts.

And I though the U.S. Postal Service was slow...

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Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

It must take a super long time to do a query of the electronic voting system.


What blows me away is how the LA registrar just updated results via Twitt'r 8 MINUTES ago. 'Tis nearly 3 am! The last OC update was at 6pm-ish, so, I guess they just want us to keep refreshing the 'new website'. I'll just check here when I wake up. Thanks!

OC Injustice
OC Injustice

Maybe Mr. Kelley is just trying to one-up our neighbors in Riverside County.

I guess he didn't get the memo about their last Registrar of Voters getting sent to the unemployment line for her shenanigans.

Hang in there Scott. 

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