Daryl Hannah to Appear at Tree Huggers Ball

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Hug it out
Daryl Hannah is expected to make a splash at the Canyon Land Conservation Fund's 8th Annual Tree Hugger Ball in the canyons, which is a great place for summer lovers. 

The event, which takes place on June 23, hopes to raise money to protect the wild area of the Santa Ana Mountains, a fight undertaken by legal eagles going against developers who feel more at home on Wall Street than among steel magnolias. 

Ah, I slay me. 

Hannah co-founded the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, and she puts her compost where her mouth is, once getting arrested during a protest at a mountiantop removal stripmine in West Virginia

One of our more immature writers, a newbie by the name of Kat Poker, said Hannah wants to beat back development like Jackson Browne beat her; that she wants building plans to go down like her ex-boyfriend JFK Jr.'s plane. 

That's not funny, M--, I mean Kat!

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Dan Chmielewski
Dan Chmielewski

Domestic abuse and fatal accidents are the basis for humor?  Pretty pathetic post Josh.


Do you really have to veer away from the topic down  this typical path of yours.

mitch young
mitch young

And where, without 'development' are we supposed to put the million *legal* immigrants the country receives each year? No to mention their myriad children.

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