Dana Rohrabacher Issues a Strange Warning about Evil

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Gather around, boys and girls.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has another important lesson for you.

No, Orange County's senior career politician isn't going to teach you the fine art of lying about your non-existent combat record.

Or even how to lie about aiding communist China with sensitive satellite technology transfers sought by your defense industry campaign contributors.

Today, Rohrabacher apparently wants you to learn about proper English usage.

In a June 20 Twitter message, coastal OC's self-styled traditional values guy in the nation's capital and a man who claims he's an expert in international affairs wrote:

"[T]here r evil who would harm us."

Sometimes the enemy r within, right Dana?

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Rohrabacher: I write blog comments using fake names because I'm a wuss!
Rohrabacher has been known to pay his wife Rhonda more than 50 percent of the contributions he allegedly collects for his campaign.

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